I dont review half of my makeup items cos i find them kinda…boring to review..I mean how exciting can swatching and writing about  a powder be? But, MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder was one of my first ever products from MAC and it was sitting in my pretty little golden makeup pouch feeling neglected and throwing tantrums for not getting any attention .(I know it was throwing tantrums because yesterday it flipped open inside the pouch and created a little mess) . Im sorry powder, this post is dedicated to you.

MAC Pressed Powder

MAC Pressed Powder compact swatch
MAC Pressed Powder NW 30: Looks almost like a bronzer, but its not so dark

MAC Pressed Powder Compact Swatched
Left: Unblended Swatch, Right: Blended Swatch

This is what i like about MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder

  • Good, solid coverage- covers up everything that your foundation wouldnt.
  • Doesnt look cakey or artificial AT ALL. Finding a powder with heavy coverage AND non cakiness is difficult
  • The puff that comes with it is – amazing. I mean you would think how good can a puff be right? Wrong. It is sturdy and very thick so even after a year and a half of usage , it has held up . (Take note Lakme Perfect radiance)
  • The finish is matte but not starkly matte . Yknow, your skin is still left with a nice dewy moist looking feeling instead of like a completely dry matte look

What i dont like about MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder

  • This isnt really the best match for my colour. (partly because at the time i had no idea im an NC and not an NW). But i just find that MAC skin shades are not really the best match for indian skin.
Overall Verdict: 4/5

Price: Rs 1250/-

Will i Repurchase: No. For two reasons, one- i can put in another couple of hundred and just get the mineralized skin finish. Second- this has lasted me more than a year..almost two. I really dont need to repurchase.

Recommendation: If you love all things MAC, then Select Sheer Pressed Powder will definitely not dissapoint. Its a great powder , with solid coverage and a light non cakey feel.

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