‘Siahi’ literally translates into Ink. I couldnt have thought a more appropriate name for this ink blue fluidline. Siahi is a deep teal blue which shimmers  as it catches the light, a gorgeous colour if you layer it on thick for a blue smokey eye, or just as a thin line over the eye for an everyday look. The reason i got siahi really was because i have an anarkali salwar kameez which is just this ink blue and has gold work all over it. Its for a rather special function and i wanted somehting special to go along with it..
MAC Siahi Fluidline

MAC Siahi Fluidline
Siahi- an ocean of inkiness

MAC Siahi Swatch
Notice the tiny sparkles and slightly duochromatic finish?

I usually refrain from wearing blue on my eyes. I just feel like blue doesnt do that much for brown eyes and skin. But this is such a deep gorgeous blue with so much character in it that it really does make brown eyes appear mysterious and alluring .

Just a thin line- looks much prettier when its layered on thick though
Overall this is what i liked about Siahi
  • The colour is just stunning and gorgeous- its not just your everyday blue liner. Its different!
  • Like most fluidlines, it lasts a long time without smudging (unless u go around rubbing yr eye)
  • This also makes a fantastic base if you want to layer a lighter eye shadow over it (which wouldnt show up other wise)
  • One great way to wear this is over an existing black liner. Somehow the blue layers on top of black gives a very intense deep navy colour which looks very alluring.

This is what i didnt like about Siahi

  • MAC Fluidlines, do tend to dry out in the jars, and this is not a colour i will wear everyday, hence sometimes i feel like this might dry out before im even done with half of it which is sad..but lets see
Overall Verdict: 4.5/5

Price: Rs 1000/-

Will i Repurchase: I  think this will last me like forever. I wont need to

Recommendation: If you like coloured liners, this blue one is a gorgeous gorgeous colour. You wont be dissapointed- it is so versatile and can be used in different ways. Looks great on brown eyes, i think itll look even better on hazel, green eyes as its a blue thats not icy or harsh

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