All the beauty junkies in India would be waiting for January 22nd because thats the day the collection that everyone has been waiting for is finally releasing here. The Mickey Contractor MAC Collection holds a special place in an Indian girls heart, not only because its a matter of pride, and Mickey Contractor is a name worth worshipping in the beauty industry, but because this is a collection we know is meant specially for us, for our skintones, for our eye colours and thats not something that happens very frequently.
Anyhow, continuing on from last time, like i said- the second part of the ‘ Asiana Wedding’  article had Mickey Contractor talking about his new MAC Collection. So lets here it from the horses mouth

Mickey Contractor talks  about Foundation
The biggest mistake Indian Women make is using the wrong colour foundation and this leaves their skin looking dull and grey (I agree). You need to pick a foundation with yellow undertones if you are indian.My USP is skin, I am one of those makeup artists who focuses much more on complexion and contouring rather than just piling on colour.

Mickey Contractor talks about Pigmentation and how to disguise it
Pigmentation and discoloration around the mouth and under the eyes is something almost ever other Indian woman has a problem with, so creating this product was really important to me.One of my personal favourites from the range is the Select Moisturecover double ended color corrector- featuring a banana yellow at one end and a coral at the other. If your existing foundation or concealer is too dark, mix the yellow to maker it lighter, if its too light- mix the coral to make it darker 

Mickey Contractor on Using Colour
Culturally, Indian Women tend to wear very colourful and embellished clothing and jewellery. This makes it even more important to not over do it with make up. The athma eye sadow quad contains four shades. I love using earthy tones on the eyes and if you pair it with one of the nude pink lipsticks in Yash or Mehr or lipglass in Flesh or Lust, you have the ‘no make up look’ which is all about using everything you need but making it look like nothing.
For those who are not shy of colour, he recommends the hot pink Lipstick in Gulabi which looks striking with a nude face
There are also two new fluidlines- an electriying turquoise and green which add a pop of colour to the lids. There are also single eye shadows in tones such as Rani- a bright fuschia inspired by the dressed worn by maharanis in Rajasthan or Oomph- a lush forest green
The rosie brown hued Blush in Sur is ideal for contouring while the white gold Blush In Gana works brilliantly as a highlighter on you cheekbones and gives the complexion a beam of radiance

Damn, Reading the article made me wanna buy everything from the collection :( Budget only allows me two :( :( Im having a very hard time deciding

Disclaimer: I dont own the above writing piece. This was featured in The volume 4 issue of Asiana Wedding Magazine in an interview with Mickey Contractor. I am simply reproducing that work to share with my readers

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