The shoes i wore- from Charles & Keith.
Dont they match EXACTLY with my dress
Every Girl needs a little black dress. This is mine- a black laced bodice on the top with solid bodycon bottom. I found this at forever 21 , if you read my story about it here you would know that i had to fight and aunty and then some but the dress finally belonged to me. 

Well, as it goes, apparently it belonged to half the girls in Delhi as well. Because i turned up on New Years Eve wearing this,  (Yes i stay in Delhi where the temperature is 2 degrees, but on New years we still brave the cold and wear short dresses) Anyway, so i turned up on New Years eve wearing this only to find 2 other girls wearing the same thing.. Shock. Horror. Gasp

I wore all gold accessories

What does a girl do when she is wearing the same thing as 2 other girls in a crowded party
  1. Drinks up, doesnt care and parties like there is no tommorow
  2. Vows never to wear a forever 21 dress to a crowded new year eve party
  3. Makes sure she stays 2 kilometers away from the other 2 girls

Yes, i did all of the above and it didnt end up being such a bad night after all. But hey, im not risking wearing this another time !

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