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‘Peaches and Blush’ has been my beauty connoisseur for a while now. Be it quality make up or budget stuff! I know that she is a great fan of Nudes!! So I thought of reviewing a shade that she will love too!
I was desperately looking for a long lasting lipstick and a lot of people suggested Clinique. Clinique has 6 ranges of lip color/ lipstick. ‘High Impact Lip Color’ and ‘Long Last Lipstick’ are the ones which last for a good amount of time. I was looking for a brown and a pink.

I picked ‘Go Fig’ from the ‘High Impact Lip Color’ range.

Why I like Go Fig:

The color:
  • It is a nice pinkish brown shade with a satin finish.
  • The color comes under the ‘Nudes’ group.
  • Can be worn everyday to office.

The texture:
  • Creamy and smooth. Keeps the lips moisturized.
  • Comes with SPF 15 – A good protection from the harsh sun.

Lasts long:
  • Lasts for a fairly long time – 4-5 hours.
  • You can easily put on another quote post lunch and it would stay still till you come back home! But remember to put it on a bit generously.

What to be careful about:

The shades look a little different on the website and when you actually apply them. They look a little lighter and pinkier than they really are in the pictures.
But I guess that’s true for most lipsticks. They look different in the pictures vs what they look like on the skin. So it is better to try it on before purchasing it.

I tried real hard to get a picture that would match the actual color. Here’s what I got.
Clinique High Impact Lipstick in ‘Go Fig’

Clinique Go Fid Swatch
All said and done, all the shades are quite pretty. Take a look.

Price: Rs 1025 in India/ $ 14.5 in US

Will I recommend it: Certainly yes.
So why wait, look splendid with ‘Clinique Go Fig’!!

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