Semi Circles are officially my favourite shape. Because : 
1.Tacos are in the shape of semi circles (Side note: If you haven’t gone to Chilies in Delhi already, GO THERE!),
2.Calzones are in the shape of semicircles (Yes, im hungry!) and
3.because of the semi circle method of applying eyeshadow.

 Its really nothing pathbreaking, but its just something that i find very easy specially if i want to blend two bright colors together. In the coming few weeks, ill be posting of different methods of application and what method i find the easiest for what type of eyeshadow etc…


STEP 1 and 2

Step 1: Take a color of your choice and make a small semi circle on your lid
Step 2: Take a complementing color and make a concentric semi circle around the original one. You can get creative here- you can put it only in the outer part, or make an entire half circle like i have made. 
Note: You can just stop here and blend the outer color. This is what i did in my turquoise and purple look

STEP 3 and 4

 Step3 : Take a third color of choice, preferably a darker color and put it as another outer circle but only on the outer half till the middle of the lid. 
Step 4: With a fluffy brush,  place it on the outer most color, and make short circles (like how you would hold a pencil and doodle with circles), and blend it outwards. Dont touch the inner most green, you want that to stay fresh and not get muddy. Dont worry, it wont look out of place even without blending
Step 5: Finish with Liner and Mascara ..Tada !

Few things to remember:
  • Dont let the semi circles get too big, the more colors you wanna apply, the smaller the semi circle should be 
  • When you blend out the eyeshadow, pull it out and upwards towards the outer corner and eyebrows…not so much towards the inner one
  • Practice makes perfect

This method is best for:

  • Blending bright colors together
  • Making a smokey eye with just one color- put it as a larger semicircle and blend out with wiper like  strokes..

To see how Clint Fernandes used the semi circle method and created a smokey eye with just one color click here . 

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