Ermm..I dont mean ‘fantasy’ in the ‘guys ultimate fantasy’ sort of the way. No no, this is a family blog  after all :p I mean y,know the word which comes to mind when you see the picture below. Like fantasy land, angelic, surreal, mermaid like…all that kind of stuff. Classy&Fab from phdinfashion requested me to do this look below. I hate her, and want to thank her at the same time for this. Hate her, cos its bloody difficult (couldnt you have just given me something with lesser colors????)  and thank her cos i actually had fun doing it….
Inspiration Picture
My Version

Im only showing the eyes cos well, thats what the whole look is about, and also cos  y’know i try as far as possible not to flash my whole face on this blog. Three little disclaimers…

  • This is just an attempt. When it comes to eyeshadows, i still find myself struggling with em so this aint perfect from any angle. Suggestions are more than welcome
  • This is my interpretation of the look above,the colors in the pictures are quite different from what iv ised but i had to make do with what was available right?
  • Please ignore my brows. The stupid parlour lady screwed them up by playing zig zag with them, and now i have to grow em out to make em normal again. 
Btw, classy&fab  also requested Cynthia from IVC  to do this look. I am really excited  to see Cynthia’s spin on it- i think she’ll do complete justice to the photo above !

Products used:
MAC siahi fluidline as base on the outer corner
Pink and purple mixed fropm my Coastal scents 88 shimmer pallette in the inner half
Turquoise and dark blue eyeshadows from my inglot pallette
Silver and blue glitter
Maybelline volume express mascara
Clinique pencil in really black..

What do you think of this? Is this crappy? Somewhat close to the picture above? Or nothing like it?

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