So the less said about the dress the better, its another one of those ‘I killed a bird and i wore it’  kind of strange creations (That could be her next song !!!) … BUT, there is something about Katey Perry and her makeup style. It is so fun and colorful, and she can pull off contrasting colors looking like a porcelain doll, and not looking garish or trashy

I love how she has that barbie doll pinkness to her lips and cheeks, and she wears purple and green on her eyes without looking like a clown. Big False Lashes, and lots of kohl all combine together to give Katey a very youthful, young girl look. Add to that the structured wavey hair, and she looks almost like a real life barbie . If only she had a cute sundress to match instead of that fluffy white atrocity!

What do you think? Do you like her makeup style? Do you hate it?

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