What’s shiny and bubbly and pink all over? No ..not pink champagne, its my Lakme Makeup Remover . Okay, so that was a bit of an anticlimax. But its true!!, It really is shiny, bubbly and pink! Btw, i am completely aware that the picture on the bottom looks like a baby’s milk bottle…the idea was to show you guys the nozzle, but i obviously need to better my photography skills !I’m getting sidetracked. Focus.Blog. Lakme.  Yes, today we shall do a little experiment with the Lakme Makeup Remover and see if it works!

Directions for use: The makeup remover consists of half oil and half cleanser. You shake well to mix the two, squirt it onto a cotton ball and remove makeup

The Experiment
Pic 1: Left to Right-Clinique unsmudgeable water proof pencil, Maybelline lasting drama 24 hr gel liner,MAC Mehr lipstick, Lakme Rose kissed lipstick, Golden and Brown Eyeshadow from Inglot
Pic 2: After one swipe- Only eyeshadow goes
Pic3: After two swipes- Eyeshadows and lipsticks go
Pic4: Everything goes

Overall, this is what i like about the Lakme Makeup Remover
  • The nozzle is very handy to apply- you can squirt out just the amount you need
  • It does a good job of makeup removal as is apparent above- all basic makeup is removed quite easily. Waterproof makeup requires three swipes
  • It is a really big bottle (120 ml) and costs Rs 290/-(6$) so its cost effective
  • It does not dry out on the cotton pad very quickly so i dont need to keep squirting out more
  • Face doesn’t feel dry after using this.
  • Its pretty!

Overall, this is what i dont like about the Lakme Makeup Remover
  • Does not remove waterproof mascara properly. It lessens it, but doesnt remove it completely.
  • After using it, i feel i need to wash my face or else the feeling of remover lingers on my face

Lakme Makeup Remover vs Maybelline Makeup Remover
Since i have both of these reviewd on my blog, i thought id do a little comparison. In terms of makeup removal they are both equally good. I would prefer the Lakme one because:
  • Lakme- 120 ml for Rs 290/- (6$) and Maybelline -40 ml for Rs 125/- (3$) and hence the lakme one is more cost effective, besides maybelline gets over really really quickly
  • Lakme has a squirty nozzle which is much easier to work with than the maybelline remover

Overall Verdict: 3.5 /5

Price: Rs 290/- for 120 ml
Will i Repurchase: Yes.

Recommendation: Great option!..One of the better makeup removers out there. Handy to use, and effective without breaking the bank

In other news, i bought this pretty Forever 21 necklace  below after seeing it Classy&fab wear it here

I love it , its so delicate and can be worn single or double stranded…

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