I hate the gym (as is apparent from the picture above). The only thing remotely exciting about it is that i will get to buy new trackpants , and strut around the place showing off. I also love food. I love Big Chill Pasta’s, Nirulas Hot chocolate fudge, Cinnabons, Pepperoni Pizza’s …and basically everything else that will make you ’rounder’. The two together have the potential to result in a disastrous combination- but thankfully due to genes(thank you mommy! (the thin gene definitely came from my moms side)), and also some smart choices regarding food, and exercise i have remained at a size i am pretty happy with!

Anyway, so when Susheela requested a ‘fitness’ post from me i actually had a good laugh about it because i dont do anything that you really should be doing (Go to the gym people- it really is supposed to be good!) . But since i do believe that certain small things make a huge difference for me – i thought id share them (plus im bored of reviewing makeup stuff)..Lets start then…

  • Say Hello to strap on weights- the ultimate lazy girl accessory…

These are weights that you just strap on to your arms and legs and then do what you would normally do in the house.(No, i dont mean just sit and watch tv!) I mean like routine chores like make the bed, clean your cupboard, clean the room, fight with your brother,etc etc. This just makes the mere act of even raising an arm – a sort of an exercise. I think theyr super cool!!

  • Dont deprive yourself. Just reduce the quantity you eat. Use Chopsticks.

I have noticed that whenever i pledge “i wil not eat any more chocolate”, the chances are i will binge on it the next weekend because my body feels deprived of it. So, go ahead and eat whatever you want to eat. Just reduce the portions. One neat way is to start using chopsticks to eat everything. It is hard to eat with chopsticks, and you will notice you eat much lesser quantities than usual .(unless yr chinese, then you are just used to chopsticks). Because you will take longer to eat, your food will get digested by the time you are done with three quarters of your plate and you will full and satisfied.

  • Dont skip breakfast. Eat at regular intervals,

Its true what they say about breakfast being the most important meal of the day. Believe me, i never paid much attention to it but it is SO true. I used to skip breakfast and head straight to college. But now, i make sure i have a good breakfast before im off to work. It kickstarts your metabolic system early morning, and makes sure that you burn the maximum amount of calories throughout the day. Also , skipping breakfast means hogging on lunch or worse dinner. Hogging on dinner quite literally translates into fat, hogging on breakfast only translates into higher metabolic rate.

Also, very very true about eating small portions regularly. My sis lost a lot of weight JUST by doing this. It keeps the metabolic rate going, and ensures that you arent just dumping a whole lot of food into your system at one time, that your system cannot take.

  • Eat before 8 pm. 

A rule i swear by (Its now gotten kind of screwed up due to my strange work timings). But if you eat dinner early, there is very little chance of you piling up extra calories .Actually, the rule is not to eat anything for atleast 3 hours before you sleep so  that your food is digested. It works like a charm!

  • Dance! or do something else you love

I spent my college life in the dance team. The practices were gruelling, but i never felt it because i loved dancing so much. I no longer dance (my excuse is that i dont have the time, but really i dont have the inclination anymore), but i know how amazing i felt at the time when we had dance practices. So play tennis, dance, do pilates, and all other sort of fun stuff if yoga and gymming bores you out!

  • Convince your Punjabi mother not to give you ‘full cream’ milk. Switch from flour to wheat.

Indian (specially punjabi) mothers have a sttrange relationship with milk. I dont get it. I am now a grown woman but my mom freaks out  if i havent had my two glasses of milk (bournvita please!) in a day! Now, im not saying dont drink milk- its one of the best things to have and women definitely need it. But dude, that ‘full cream’ milk is just  criminal. Just by switching from full cream milk to double toned milk, you will notice a big difference. It might be less yummier, but the tummy will be much much happier , and so will you. Trust me.

Also, in our house we now make wheat maggi, have wheat momos, and wheat bread. Same taste. Healthier option. Plus whenever i say ‘wheat momo’s i psychologically start feeling like i am eating something extremely healthy like a salad or something :p

That was a rather random and off – topic post. More makeup/ fashion related posts coming up soon! I promise!

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