What i wanna know is..is there some disease which refers to buying too many blushes? Yknow like kleptomania is when you keep stealing stuff,  but is there any other kind of mania which explains stocking up on blushes, and feeling happy when you look at em. I think there should be cos iv got it.MAC Fleur Power is actually not one of the blushes i bought myself, its one that my sister bought and then gave it to me later. It is the kind of pink that gives you an instant pick up, makes you look all flushed and happy with a pop of colour on your cheeks. And i mean that not in a clown sort of a way…

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Left: Unblended, Right: Blended

I dont want to ramble about the color because its obvious. Its a pink. Its soft and bright at the same time (if that made any sense). What i mean to say is , its a bright pink but gives a soft pink flush to your cheeks (Yes, that definitely did not make any sense) .

Its one of those pinks that a lot of darker skin girls love as much as the lighter ones. So universally flattering. Its also a matte blush with a satin finish. Satin finishes by MAC are some of my favourite- theyr super duper pigmented, and they get loaded onto the brush super easily. Very finely milled powder. The only down side is you have to be careful with the amount you apply because its easy to get way too much powder on your cheeks. Initially, i had to do some hysterical rubbing to make the color go away, now i know better. Ill graze you softly, you graze me softly ( Did that sound….erotic ?..sorry, i should have rated this post adults only!)

Overall Verdict:  4 /5

Price: Rs 1120/-

Will i Repurchase: Have you seen the size of the pan? Do you really think i need to?

Recommendation: This is a pink that shows up even on very dark skintones and looks very flattering on both fair and dark skin tones as well. If you want a true pink blush from MAC, then fleur power has you covered! Its my ‘pick me up’ blush


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