We have been ‘Inglott-ed’. By we, i mean my entire family (the female part of the family ofcourse). Yep, we have- we love the eyeshadows, we love the quality, and we love the store and the staff. Another one of us got this pretty Inglot Palette home from the freedom system, and i remembered that i was gonna do a propah review of them earlier but had forgotten to…so its as good a time as ever to start now…

What’s to like about Inglot Eyeshadows

  • Soft buttery textures that apply like a dream
  • Highly Pigmented shadows that show up in one stroke
  • Minimal fallout- even the extrag glitter ones have minimal fallout as compared to the rest
  • Nice lasting power
  • At 300 Rs a shadow, they are quite affordable!
  • The palette itself is a sturdy black case with a wide mirror ..Its super handy

What’s not to like about Inglot Eyeshadow

  • They have limited variety in mattes. I feel there are far too many sparkle, double sparkle shadows and too little  matte and pearl shadows. I mean, i could not find a basic matte black shadow with zero glitter in it. That, for a makeup store is criminal.
  • The double sparkle eyeshadows specifically dont have very good pigmentation. This is specific to some shades- a lot of sparkly glitter comes out but not so much intense  color.

Overall Verdict: 4.5 /5

Price: Rs 300/- per shadow in palette form

Will i Repurchase: Definitely!

Recommendation: Inglot is a must visit store if you are on the look out for high quality eye shadows at affordable prices. The  freedom system offers you great choices to mix your own shades, and the quality of these is pigmented, with soft buttery textures.

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