If i were to count my blessings,  my skin would be one of them (knock on wood- thank you god.) I have some issues with skin, but mostly its a well behaved  child (I dont know why i needed to give it a personality but i did). There are two main problems i have with it –

1. Its extremely dry and flaky (someone told me its an early sign of ageing…I  now hate that person )
2. It gets dull and sallow very quickly.
This was a post requested by Nishita . Thanks for the request nishita, it was fun for me to do !

Everyday/ Regular Products

1.Lakme Fruit Blast Citrus Rain Face Wash/ Lotus Herbals JojoBa Wash Facewash
I alternate between these two facewashes cos i get bored easily. The Lotus Herbals Jojoba face wash is just a really nice everyday facewash- mild, has these active mili capsules in them which get crushed when you apply it – and it leaves the face clean and fresh without dryness and tightness.
Lakme Fruit Blast in Citrus Rain is a very fruity citrusy facewash. It just immediately wakes you up- it has that zing factor! Also, out of the fruit blast range, this is creamy and milky not gel like the others so again- its nice for dry skin
     2. Garnier Body Cocoon Intense Moisture Lotion
I LOVE this stuff. It has the nicest, most pleasent smell- it smells of vanilla , and of fruits, and of calming lavender- im sure i confused you now, but i cant place the exact smell, it just smells really nice. It is also intensely moisturizing so  i slather it all over my body after a shower or before i go to bed at night. I also use this on my face lightly, specially when i have flaky skin around my forehead and nose, this gives it that moisture boost
3.Ponds Tinted Moisturizer
Holy Grail Product for me. If you are someone like me, who has good skin otherwise, and  just wants light coverage which evens out  the skin tone without making it dry, this is a fantastic option. Its affordable, and i dont like putting foundation on my face everyday. So this little bottle of my tinted moisturizer does wonders for me.
4.Body Shop Shower Gel in ‘Pink Grapefruit’
I use this in the shower, and i already reviewed it on my blog here. Again, a sharp citrussy smelling bodywash- very refreshing and i love how my bathroom smells after i have a bath with this!
5. Body Shop Bath Gloves
Another ‘in the shower’ item. These are so great- you just take any shower gel and use these and there is no need for a body scrub. Also, i have a problem of post waxing in grown hair and bumps and overtime this really reduces those

Once in a While Products

6. Nivea Skin Refining Scrub
Love this scrub- its the right balance between being abrasive, and being gentle. It has menthol which leaves your face with a clean and fresh feel, and is compact so its handy for travelling. Very few scrubs work for me, i find that somehow scrubs break me out more than any other product but this one doesnt and its  so affordable !!

7.Lakme Fruit Blast Pear Butter Hydrating Mask
I dont use this mask very often, but when my skin is behaving very parched and dry and i need an instant moisture boost this mask is absolutely amazing. This is not one of those masks that you put before a party for an instant glow, neither does it claim to be. It is just a mask that hydrates dry skin… and after i put this on, my skin feels the softest i have ever felt it. It really does….the only down part about this is that the intense softness doesnt last very long and by the end of the day its back to being the way it was

8.Lotus Herbals Lemonpur Cleansing Milk for dry skin
This claims to be a cleansing milk and makeup remover. The way i use it is around once a week, i apply it on my face after work- so it does both the makeup removing part as well as cleansing and moisturizing part. Its not that great as a makeup remover- itll remove your basic eyeshadow and foundation, but it is definitely a nice cleansing milk- very fresh smelling with a mild fragrance and softens the skin.

9.Garnier Light Under Eye Roll On
This is something i started using recently so im not quite sure about how well it works. Its a little tube that you roll on under the eyes , and it claims to reduce puffiness and dark circles. I have a huge dark circle as well slight puffiness problem, so i definitely am interested in trying this out more. As of now, i am just liking the fact that its an instant wake up call in the morning because it feels so cool and fresh under the eyes. I feel more awake when i put this on. Whether it will reduce circles, i think its too early for me to tell

Very Very Rarely- For special Occasion Products

10. Casmara Algae  Facial Mask (Expensive!!)
This is by far the most expensive beauty indulgence in this post. Its something that is not available commonly in the market. You have to go to a local parlour and ask them if they have a Casmara Facial Mask. They will either sell it to you, or say they have a facial in which this is included. Just one sitting  with this particular mask in my parlour sets me back Rs 1500/ (30$) , so its not cheap, but i do this only for special occasions (I have only got it done thrice in life) and its worth every single penny spent on it. My skin has a glow and a radiance to it for 3-4 days after i get this done. It is the most amazing mask ever. Only thing is- it is a thick algae film that covers your lips and eyes. So you cannot part your lips or even open your eyes a little bit when the mask is on. It just seals em!. But seriously..worth every penny..and highly highly recommended.

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