There are now some more reasons to splurge !!!! Because our favourite brands have been working overtime to get out some spanking new products  try out. These are some new international launches. Lush ones have already launched in India, Nyx is available online, and as usual the one lagging far behind in the launch race in India is Maybelline. What takes them so long to come to india? I mean is it kind of like a patience test for indians or something- lets see how long you can wait without screaming..**evil laugh**.
 Which one are you planning to spend your hard earned money on?

New Nyx Nude on Nude Natural Look Kit – Price 24$ (Rs 1000)
New NYX Nude on Nude Palette
Nyx New Nude on Nude Palette

20 eyeshadows in beiges, browns, taupes and 10 lip glosses in varying shades of pink and red. This is the new and improved Nyx nude on nude pallette. It looks SO similar to the Urbam Decay Naked palette, its scary. I mean they really didnt have to copy the packaging so blatantly!!!  But whatever, this is wayyyy cheaper and more easily available than Urban decay in india, so i am very excited ! Bring on the nudes !!! No boys, i am not talking about you.
India Release Date: Available online already

Maybelline’s New “Fit Me” Range

Maybelline Fit me Blush
Left: Fit Me Blush, Right: Fit Me Bronzer

Maybelline fit me foundation
Left to Right: Pressed Powder, Concealer, Liquid Foundation

Just the tag line for this range got me. “Flawless that lets the real you come through. Beyond matching: Fresh, Breathable, Natural” .Yep, sounds like my philosophy on makeup. Maybelline has a new foundation, pressed powder, concealer(yay!), blushes and a bronzer to build you a ‘fit me’ makeup kit Given the fact that maybelline is so inexpensive, this will be exicting for a lot of people.The blushes come in 12 shades… yippee,…hoping all of them get launched in India, but i know thats wishful thinking. I have no idea when these will be hitting indian shelves but im hoping its soon.

India Release Date: Noo idea

Lush Valentines Day products and new gorilla perfumes.
Left to Right: Vanillary Atomising Spray, Tuca Tuca Solid Perfume
Left to Right; Love birds soap, Its raining men shower gel, It Started With a Kiss Lip Butter
Lush is  cashing in on  the Valentines day spirit with a range of shower products for V day. There is “Its Raining Men” shower gel which is apparently the shower gel version of “Honey i washed the kids”- my favourite lush soap!!!!!! There is also a range of other lovey dovey goodies for v day.One thing i am loving ‘It started with a kiss’ Lip balm.It contains red apple, cinnamon and white chocolate flavour – the osund of that has me drooling already !!!!
Oh, and Lush has also launched a range of new perfumes. There is a perfume stick  which you can just roll on, or an actual spray. There is one which says it smells like vanilla and jasmine- to scents i love so im definitely going to try that!!

Psst: Im watching the filmfare awards as i type this. Anushka and Ranvir are putting on a rocking performance. Go check it out !

India Release Date: Available in lush stores

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