Last weekend was super duper hectic. Not only was ‘the boy’ in town, but  my really good friend was back in town all the way from geneva. Add to that doctors appointments, guests, dinners, and birthdays and you have got yourself 2 days with zero time to breathe.Im making it sound like it was tedious, but actually it was super fun and i had a great time with ‘the boy’, as well as with my girls- we went out to this casual place for drinks ( 2 pitchers of L.I.T finished in no time mind you!). This is what i wore:

The Breakdown:
White Blazer: Incense – Rs 1800 (35$)
Blue top: Lifestyle- Rs 250(5$)
White Belt: Kazo-Rs 500 (9$)
Jeans : Street Shopping in Mumbai -Rs 900 (20$)
Shoes(The ones in the pic below): Shoe Rack- Rs 1100 (22$)

The shoes above are not in the second pic of me, cos they are a little Bi*** to wear. My feet hurt the minute i slip them on!. But they go so well with the whole outfit…its a little too matchy matchy, but the print on the shoes breaks up the monotony on top.  I love this coat, because i can button it up all the way to the top, and it becomes like those high collared military style jackets, or i can leave it open with the collar flaps pulled down.

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