Florals- My favourite part of Zara

My family complains that i spend way too much time in malls (Its kind of true- i dont buy that much, but every weekend, malling is necessary or i feel stifled ).My excuse is that there is nothing else to do in Delhi!! But since iv been given such a hard time about ‘malling’ too much, i thought might as well make the most  of it and introduce a ‘shop with me’ feature where I’ll show (read : tempt you guys with)  all the interesting stuff there is in my favourite stores. For the record, i got kicked out of Zara for clicking all of these pictures – so i can now add zara to the list of stores this blog has gotten me kicked out of. Real nice blog…real nice…keep it up and soon there will be posters outside shops saying “Crazy bloggers not allowed”……

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 Zara has a distinctly European flavour to its clothing…Very different from American brands like F21 who focus on tight fits, stripes,  jersey stretch  fabrics and stuff like that. Zara is all about florals, flowy tops, peasant blouses, fabrics in linen, chiffon , lace and in general feminine fashion with a dash of edginess thrown in.

Nude colors, and beiges dominate Zara but they have a pop of color thrown in between..

I really like pussy bow tops currently. I have been eyeing one from asos, this one is such a pretty color.

I want these pants. They are like those jodhpur style trousers…cinched at the bottom but loose from top. Cute!

More flowy fabrics and printed things in zara. I think whats most interesting about this shop is mixing and matching the clothes. The edginess of some of the jackets, complements the femininitey of the tops so well…

I am reminded of Hawaii when i see these manequins . Wait iv never been to hawaii. Correction, im reminded of goa when i see these mannequins . Me liking the way the scarves are draped.

Random picture to show you just how huge the zara delhi store is. You know, there is a guy who stands right behind these mannequins and yells “Welcome to Zara” every time a customer walks in . Every single time!! I think thats super fun!

Other Info
Where is Zara in delhi: In DLF Promenade, and in Select City Walk
Price Points: Zara is not as expensive as people percieve it to be. Its not cheap either but in the medium range. T shirts start at about Rs 700 and can go up to about 2000/- Dresses  hover at around Rs 2500/- upwards . (45Rs=1 $ for those who want to calculate in dollars)
Style: Flowy, Feminine, European chic.
Things i love: The shoes, the floral printed shirts ,  the jackets, each and every one of their dresses and the formal tops..Oh and the cute cartoon t shirts too. Oh and i also love the ‘Welcome to Zara!!!’ that they shout every time…
Things i dont love: In certain pieces and styles, some of the fabric is really not good quality. There are some things , which , given the fabric that they are made with are just not worth it.! Also the pants just dont fit me well…

PS : I was too lazy to watermark these images, but yes i have clicked all of them…Watermarking is such a pain. Im considering giving it up all together.

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