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Prowling through the supermarket in Pune , I came across a small soap.Now I’m a soap person. I like bodywashes but i think to get squeaky clean soaps do a better job especially in Indian summers.
Anyway, what I’m here to talk about is not a body soap but something else – a foot scrub soap.
Its called Gandhali’s Foot scrub soap.

The label claims its a soap made for cleaning ,moisturizing feet only. Its antibacterial and antifungal
It contains fine pumice granules,mint ,eucalyptus oil,tea tree oil and kokum butter for moisturizing.

Why is this so great ?

Its a great quick pedicure soap. Just rub it on the feet. There is no significant lather only the feel of soap.Scrape the heels and rough areas and wash off.My feet don’t even feel the need for moisturizer.My feet feel tingly,cool and fresh a long time after stepping out from shower.I think it’ll be a great for feet in summers.The smell is medicinal and not overpowering.

I think it’d work even better with a pumice stone.For someone like me who doesn’t have time or patience for extensive pedicures its fantastic.It can also be used on elbows and knees.

Price:It costs Rs 30 (0.75$)  for 75gm. Super affordable.Dry out between uses.

Availability : I don’t know if its available outside Pune, India.In Pune its available in Dorabjee.

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