Dear Marc Jacobs Shades,
I love you so much.  I know you are upset that i havent given you any mention on my blog. I also know that you were slightly insulted two years back when i first saw you  ..because .my mom looked at you and then the shopkeeper and said ‘Discount dooo na bhaiya (Give us a discount pleaaassse)’. But inspite of all that, you have remained sturdy , solid and dependable

I love that you are not extra blingy with swarovsky crystals hanging from every hinge, but classy – with just a strip of golden copper which says ‘Marc’ by Marc Jacobs
I love that you look very simple and plain, but on closer inspection you are full of surprises, like the subtle animal print detailing around the rim of the frames. 
I love that you make my round face actually look slimmer and glamourous. 
At Rs 6000/- (120$) , you werent exactly a bargain, but definitely well worth the money…and i promise never to neglect you again!



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