What is a pink grapefruit? Has anyone ever had one? I suspected Body Shop just randomly makes up names of fruits to make their shower gels exotic sounding- but then i googled it and saw that pink grapefruit is actually a thing- it exists ! Why am i talking about fruits, because i just bought a super affordable pink graperuit shower gel from Body Shop at 50% off! (Rs 150/-  or 3$) after discount!. This, along with my lime green body shop shower exoliating gloves (Rs 225/- or 4.5$) is making me very happy right now…

The shower gel has a sharp citrusy smell. Almost lemony – but fruity and fresh. With summer approaching, i really like surrounding myself with friuit smells , plus i like the combination of floral perfume over fruity body wash.When you put it in the shower, you feel like your body has turned into a giant citrus fruit for just about 5 minutes- the scent is quite strong, but in about fifteen minutes, the fragrance settles in and there is a barely there-  fresh smell. Its almost unnoticeable until you bring your arm to your nose and actually sniff it. Yes, i did that. 

You should get the pink grapefruit shower gel if :

  • You are a bargain addict and cannot resist a 50% off (Rs 150 !! or 3$)
  • You like sharp fruity smells in the shower, and dont mind turning into a lemon for 5 minutes.
  • You like trying out different smells like ‘pink grapefruit’- though you might not know what it means

You should avoid the pink grapfruit shower gel if:

  • You dont like fruity smells- you prefer floral
  • You want a shower gel smell whose strong smell lingers on for a very long time (This doesnt do that- a fresh mild scent lingers)
  • You like getting the  more popular, well known flavours (this is one of their least popular shower gels- hence the discount!)

The second thing, that is making me happy are these bath gloves from body shop. I had no idea why i didnt buy them earlier. They are exfoliating gloves, so you can just put on any shower gel, and rub these over it and you will be exfoliated- no need for a scrub seperately. Plus they are lime green- a color i love!

You should get the gloves if:

  • You have a problem with post waxing ingrown hair, or bumps (With continued use, these really make those go away)
  • You dont want to go and buy a body scrub seperately and think they are useless.
  • You dont mind slightly abrasive and rough scrubs (These are not very gentle)
  • You are lazy to use a loofah seperately
  • You like the color lime green

You should avoid the gloves if:

  • You like very very mild  non abrasive scrubs
  • Lime green makes you wanna throw up

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