There are a few things that put a ‘spring’ in my step….Saturday mornings , Mint Ice cream , a 4 hour long phone conversation, a shopping excursion,  and the season spring itself! Unfortunately, Delhi alternates between extreme cold and extreme heat so spring lasts maybe for.. a month, but i am definitely stocking up on bright colors and floral patterns to do Spring some  justice! For me, one Spring must have is coral lip products- its one of my favourite colors makeup wise, and nothing beats a perfect pout of luscious coral…..

Budget Coral Lipstick: Maybelline Coral Pink
Maybelline Coral Pink Lipstick

Maybelline coral pink is the budget beauty addicts answer to coral lip color. A lot of people say that this is too bright for them and looks starnge on their skin tone, but i have a warm NC 35 skin tone and this is a really nice bright pink coral on me- it looks almost like lip candy!! But its still wearable…

Everyday Wearable  Coral lipstick: MAC See Sheer

MAC See Sheer Lipstick

How i love this color. It is the nicest muted toned down coral lipstick for every skin tone. It is semi sheer , but it gets opaque as you layer it on so you can brighten it up or wear it muted as you wish. Its just a nice everyday lipstick as well since it has peachy undertones. It is slightly similar to MAC Ravishing but i find ravishing to look too light on me and hence this is the perfect color…

Red based coral lipstick: MAC Viva Glam Cyndi

MAC Viva Glam Cyndi

I can write an entire story about the lengths i went to, to get my hands on Viva Glam Cyndi. This is a red based coral- it is one of the most unique colors iv seen till date- a coral red which is so wearable for summer ! Its not an in your face red but gives lips a stained you just ate  a raspberry..yum! Swatches coming soon!

Peachy Coral Lipstick:Revlon Colorburst Peach Lipstick

I dont own too many Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks. Even though they are great quality i find them drying on my lips, but the colorburst lipstick in ‘peach’ is gorgeous ladies ! It might wash out on cooler paler skin tones , but on warmer skin this is a true peach lipstick. A coral peach without any hint of pink in it. Perfect for that peachy pout in summer time!

Best Bright Coral Lipstick for Medium Indian Skintones: Inglot Freedom System Lipstick 01

You can readmy full review with pictures and swatches here

Best Coral Lipstick from MAC: Mac Crosswires::

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Lip Glosses
Budget Coral Lipgloss: Maybelline ‘Coral Sunset’ Watershine Lip gloss


Maybelline Coral Sunset Water Shine Lip gloss
I am on my third tube of this- i love it that much! It is a sheer peach coral with orange undertones. It has subtle shimmer in it and is the perfect lip gloss to pair over peach lipsticks for some oomph and brown lipsticks for some extra color in it! The only thing is that it leaves behind some glitter on your lips once it dries which is a huge pet peeve for me . Otherwise, its my favourite color out of the watershine lip glosses range

Peachy Coral Lipglass: MAC Strange Potion Lipglass or MAC Lychee Luxe

Oh my gosh i absolutely love my Strange Potion lip glass. It is a creamy almost milky coral with subtle shimmer inside it. It is toned down on your lips, i would say a slightly subtler and milkier version of MAC Lychee Luxe- which itself is a great coral lip gloss. For those of you who missed this , it is relaunching with the MAC Surf Baby collection so you can stock up on it then.

True Orange Coral Lipgloss: Flormar Super Shine LipGloss

So, normally i wouldnt include this in my list since it isnt brilliant quality, but the coral color this has is BEAUTIFUL!. I cannot wear this too opaque or it looks like i have neon lips but when i tone it down and wear it over a pink lipstick, oh my god it is the perfect pink candy floss coral which looks great on me

Out of the above products, Maybelline Coral Pink, MAC See Sheer, MAC Strange Potion, Flormar Super Shine have already been swatched and reviewed on my blog. Viva Glam Cyndi review coming soon. Let me know if you want anything else  specifically!

Psst: This post was requested by a number of people- Ankita from Corallista Blog, and Swati and Shilpa who are non bloggers

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