So, you are new to makeup but still want  some semblance of nicely done eyeshadow. No, you do not understand the word blending, neither do you have too many brushes to do it. Using more than one color on your lids scares you, and you have never in the past worn eye shadow out in public. I hear ya….
This post is specially for all those of you who are makeup novices and want to ‘cheat’ your way to eyeshadow glory.

You will need:

  • A white eye pencil (Im using Maybelline eye pencil)
  • A black eye pencil (Im using lakme black satin kajal)
  • A light colored eyeshadow- preferable a neutral color or light pastels (Im using a shimmery light golden from my Inglot pallette)
  • A basic eyeshadow brush. (Im using a vega brush)

Step 1: Apply the white eye pencil on the inner half of your eye lid. You dont have to be neat here. Just an approximation

 Step 2: Take a black eye pencil and and put it on the outer half of your lid very lightly. If you can, then on the top most  part (crease area)  extend the black pencil inwards into the white area a little bit. This is not really necessary though!.

Step3 : Use your fingers and just rub where the white meets the black in the centre of the lid so that it doesnt look very stark. Again, no need to be accurate

Step 4: Take any light eyeshadow. Apply it all over your lid. You dont need to bother with blending etc, because the darker and lighter base underneath already give it that 3 d dimension.
Step 5: put another layer of eyeshadow. Put black liner and mascara and finish!

 Another result of the above technique:

Contrary to what it looks like in the picture above, i havent used two shades of purple. it is simply a lighter base in the inner corner and a darker base in the outer corner..

This method is good for:

  • Applying light colors, and neutrals. Darker colors dont work because – the intention is to let the white and black base come through and add dimension. With a dark eyeshadow, it covers the overpowers the white and then it  looks like one color all across the lid

One drawback of this method:

  • It does result in your eyeshadow creasing.Because of the bases underneath, the creasing does happen..but if you are very new to makeup and just want a way to wear eyeshadow then honestly, that should be the least of your worries.

Some things you should keep in mind

  • Use a good quality pigmented eyeshadow
  • Dont make the black base too dark
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