Faces Cosmetics Eye Pencil

What kind of shade names are ‘Dark Green’ and ‘Purple’? Those have to be the most un- imaginative names of shades ever! If i were the shade namer ( it is one of my dream professions), i would call it Military Matte, and Purple Sunset …or something like that. Well, moving on to the point- the faces cosmetics eye pencils – I like em!!!!

Swatches: Top Dark Green, Bottom Purple

‘Purple’  is a jewelled indigo purple with a hint of shimmer to it. The color is one which looks great on brown eyes and is still wearable enough to wear to work. It isnt ultra shiny and bright.
‘Dark Green’ is a matte mehendi green. It is not a color i would generally pick out for myself, but im happy i did this time because it is definitely a nice wearable green which goes with just about anything. I still do prefer my greens to be more in  jewelled emerald tones or deep almost black ones, but this is a nice change.

Whats to like about the faces eye pencils:

  • Texture: Buttery Soft on the eyes. Not rough or scratchy at all. 
  • Pigmentation:Very Good Solid color payoff. I dont need to keep rubbing this in to make the color show up
  • Lasting Power: Stays on for ten hours without budging!! 
  • Ease of Application: Sturdy grip because of the width of the pencil, and easy to apply rounded tips. 
  • Smudge proof- once you apply it you can rest assured that its not going to smudge and cause streaks on your eyes.

Whats not to like about the faces eye pencils

  • Issue with Purple Pencil: Because they are so soft, they have a tendency to break and hence cause wastage. Somehow this only happens with the purple one i have noticed. That breaks very easily , the green one hasnt broken yet. I think there might be a texture difference between the shimmer and matte pencils which might cause it but i cant be sure .Again, the purple one i find difficult to sharpen. If you look in the picture above, the purple one is sharpened. And its not sharpened evenly. The sides have those poky things coming out
  • General Issue:These do not come off easily. Maybe my eye makeup remover is bad,  but i really really have to work a lot  to get these off!!

Overall Verdict : 4/5
I would give the purple one a 3.5 because of its texture issue and the green one a 4.5  so im averaging it out

Price: Rs 250/-

Will I repurchase: Yes. For sure.

Overall Recommendation: These are some of the most affordable pencils around , and are great value for money.They are soft on the eyes and have superb lasting power and pigmentation. While the textures and quality may differ between shimmer and matte , i definitely think that these are worth trying out if you are an eye pencil fiend.Though a word of advice to Faces Cosmetics- get some nice shade names please!

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