Nothing cheers you up quite like a package waiting for you at home. (Specially when 3 of your packages have been lost in the mail- even a monkey inside a package will make you happy ). This package didnt contain a monkey, but some stuff i had ordered from Fashion and You in their Faces Cosmetics Sale. (Psst- my other Fashion and You package with ballerina flats is yet to arrive, but im hopeful)….
Since i havent posted a haul in donkeys years (This post is sounding more and more like a zoo) , i thought might as well show you guys my teeny tini haul!!

The Pink Topaz Blush- A soft pink coral with an unnoticeable sheen to it.. SO happy i got this, i havent stocked on Blushes in years!! (Okay, i mean in 2 months)

These are 2 eye pencils – in purple and forest green. As you can tell, i couldnt resist trying this on the minute i got it so the purple one is already sharpened!!!I got all this stuff for Rs 550/-!!! (11$)
Im quite impressed with Faces Cosmetics . I usually see their counter in the mall next to Select City Walk but never seem to stop by cos the staff is a little overbearing and i feel pressurized with them staring at me all the time!! But i am definitely going to be buying some more faces in the future!!

Psst..Any requests for which one you want me to review first?

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