I know what you are thinking. You’re thinking-“Hello? First you ask us which one  out of the faces pencils and blush we want to be reviewed first. We unanimously say pencils, and then you go ahead and talk about the blush anyway!!! Well ..yeah. But there’s a reason !!! I think it takes much longer to know an eye pencil inside out. You need to know how long it wears, is it really waterproof, what happens when you sharpen it…yada yada yada…and its way too early for me to know all those things about the faces eye pencils by now so im going to reserve my judgement on them for a little later. For now lets focus on this shall we- The Faces Pink Topaz blush.

The Color
It was so hard to photograph this color. The first picture looks orange and the second one pink!!What it actually is is  a beautiful coral peach with just a slight undertone of pink . It has a slight gold sheen to it, not shimmery  but just enough to give you that highlighter glow on the cheeks…I think its perfect to bring in the brights this springtime!!!

The Wear
I am superly impressed by how long this blush lasted on me. The faces cosmetics website describe this as a minerals blush , with superior lasting power. I have to agree. I wore this at 10:00 am to work…And it was there when i came back home at 7:00 pm. Thats a long time for any blush !!!

Possible Color Dupes
Chambor Blush in Soft Rose is a close color to this one. The only difference is that Chambor is more pink than this one and slightly more sheeny.
Skintones it will Suit

This is one that is universally flattering.  Its a gorgeous  color for medium, wheatish, and fair complexions..but much darker complexions, it might take some working in to show up. So if you are the skintone of Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, even konkana sen sharma or lighter- itll look great on you. Bipasha Basu..might need to layer it on…but it would still look great on her.

 Overall Rating: 4.5/5
Price: Rs 350/- ( I think) 

Will i Repurchase: Other colors from the Faces Minerals Blush Range- Definitely

Overall Recommendation: I think this is one of the most value for money blush in the market currently. In the same price range as Colorbar, but IMO with far superior lasting power. Colorwise i am biased, because coral peachy pinks are my favourite types of colors. They are some of the most flattering colors for indian skin tones

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