Some time back in the end of December 2010, i got 1000 Rs free credits from Fashion and you – an online members only shopping club.This happened, because someone whome i had invited made their first purchase. I used these credits in the second week of January 2011, where i bought 2 pairs of shoes from a sale… Whooppee, it was all good  and i sat dreaming about my new ballerina flats and how they were work appropriate but cute too!!!!

Well i dreamt, and dreamt, and dreamt some more. I’m still dreaming about these shoes because i still havent got em. Fair enough i thought, mess ups happen…so i contacted the customer service department. What started was an endless cycle of contacting from my side, and ignoring from their side…

  • I contacted the customer service department on February 16th and they generated a ticket number for me and assured me i would get a call within 48 hours.
  • No call for 48 hours
  • I contact them again. No reply on e-mail
  • I contact them via twitter. No reply on twitter either
  • I send three more mails to them. ( Yes ,…THREE)…Finally i get a reply.  They again mail me back assuring me that i will get a call. 

  • To this date, i havent got a call. I ordered the shoes in early January, its now March. No shoes. No response. No phone call.

I feel angry, cheated and ripped off. If you cant provide a good customer service experience, i do not care how good your sales are,  i will just buy from the other online shopping club- brandmile (which btw has a great customer service deptt!) . The pity is, before this experience , fashion and you was my favourite shopping club because it had great variety but this has left a totally horrible taste in my mouth..

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