Im feeling ‘Weddingy’ today (Is that a word- weddingy?) What i mean to say is ,… im feeling the whole mehendi, bangles, saree, lehenga, family, rituals, sagan , dancing vibe today. So i thought it was the perfect day to update my series on Indian bridal Wear with a part 2 of my Indian Lehenga Post. (I havent even gotten started on sari’s yet girls…if yr getting married…come to me..i shall tell u the best places to get saris in delhi (Im sounding like a kitty party aunty). Not joking though. Im a sari hunting queen!)

This is the kind of outfit i would wear for my friends ‘Sangeet’ ceremony. I love the corset and the red contrasting against that blue is gorgeous
Look at the number of ‘kalis’ that lehenga has. I like that it has a long halter neck top and the entire thing is in white and gold and silver. Pretty!

Pretty, Sweet, Simple and Elegant..Me liking the Color!!

Royal purple and deep green- two of my favourite colors when it comes to Indian Wear..I love the sheer long top with the high neck collar. Gorgeous

I dont like this one that much. But i like the purple and gold as a color combination. And i like the velvet bustier

Gosh..LOVE all of these..They are so simple and summery and wearable.Perfect for a breezy summer wedding..Manish Malhotra girls!

Which ones your favourite lehenga?
I cant choose one. I love them all. 

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures above. They have either been taken from or google images. I dont claim ownership

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