When Kangna is not acting the part of a psycho jilted lover , or a psycho ex model, or a half crazy punjabi girl, she cleans up quite nicely for press meets. Looks like she is reading my blog (i wish :p ) , cos after a few disasters last month, she looks effortlessly chic at the Game press meet. I love her makeup, and what shes wearing as well..

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Kangna Ranaut Makeup

I like how she has used a soft coral peach eye shadow(huge trend this season), and finished it off with lots of false lashes  and tiny bit of brown liner at the bottom. The eye makeup is understated, subtle, and neutral but still bright and white eyed- a bit of that shimmery peachy shadow is used below the brown liner at the bottom as well for that wide awake look. On her cheeks she used a peachy blush to match the eyes-MAC Peaches is my favourite for such a look. But what has made this look a knockout success- the bright lips. It is a pinky- coral red (if that makes any sense), and looks to me slightly similar to MAC Viva Glam Cyndi (or maybe thats just because iv gone crazy looking for it).  Some highlighter on the cheeks and ta-da yr red carpet ready. I think this is a fantastic example of the bright lip and neutral eyes combination…very wearable..

Kangna Ranaut Dress & Shoes
This is the kind of dress that you will either immediately love or immediately hate . I actually really love the floral print dress with a drop down tie at the hip : effortlessly chic, and it ties together with the whole look. This is the kind of  dress  i would definitely wear to a nice sunday brunch or a lazy pool party …
Im unsure how i feel about the hot pink shoes…those are  conversation starters with a plainer outfit, but with so much color and print going on at the top..she could have kept the shoes simpler IMO.On the other hand , they are a quirky   twist. 

What do you guys think? Do you love or hate those hot pink shoes? Dress? Makeup views? I wanna hear ya..tell meeeeeee!!!!

Disclaimer : Photos from www.santabanta.com. I do not claim ownership.

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