Bebo turned up to the launch of Stardust’s Latest Issue looking ‘Pretty as a Peach’. Literally, it was like peaches and cream in makeup form.Except her dress, which was red. I think because the color of her dress was a bright bright red, she wanted to veer away from any color on her face and chose something pale that would compliment her skintone…

Kareena Kapoor Makeup
Kareena has a secret MAC lipstick which she tells nooone about. In her interviews she says she swears by it, and its a basic pink lipstick from MAC, but she doesnt disclose which one it is.(How cheap!!!) From this picture, it looks a little like MAC Patisserie to me. But then again, the picture definitely has some browner undertone to it so i could be wrong…MAC Viva Glam V is extremely similar too (as srish has mentioned below), but Viva Glam V came out much after she gave that interview  so its probably not that..any guesses? She has mentioned that she used Cherish a lot and thats one of her favourite MAC lipsticks, but i as of recently this pink peach color is seen a lot on her which is not looking that much like Cherish to me..

On her eyes, Kareena has a frosted peach eyeshadow (looks like MAC Paradisco) , and finishes  up the eyes with black kohl (She says she swears by revlon/ Chanel kohl and panics in case its not around)
On her cheeks is a pinky peach blush with subtle sheen- like Colorbar’s Peachy Rose.

I really like  the peach look overall, but i cant help wishing that her eyes had more liner on the upper lid. The black would add contrast to the peach and provide a break from all the paleness going on.
Kareena Kapoor Outfit

 I love the draping on that dress.. Specially as you go lower and it gets sheerer, i like how the fabric falls. Plus red is such a great color for Kareena . If i had to change anything, i would  probably make it shorter, I think it would look edgier like that!

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