When i first  saw pictures of Lakme Cheek Artist Blush, i thought it looked like a popsicle !!! Slurrrpp!!! Then i thought.. Yay! I want the Peach one for sure!!! Then i opened the package and got majorly dissapointed that i got ‘Kiss of a Rose’ shade, and not the peach shade . My initial reactions when i saw this was….’Eh’… there was nothing particularly pretty that came out and jumped at me. But…i am so glad i  swatched it and wore it and gave it a second  chance because i have been obsessively wearing this on my cheeks for the last couple of days…


The Color

‘Kiss of a Rose’ is a neutral rose pink with a matte finish. The blush is pigmented, and has a nice easily blendable texture, with good lasting power. This color in particular is one which suits almost all skin tones. Neutral pinks are great for both cool or warm skin tones. The color imparts a natural – ‘pinched me’ look to your cheeks that every girl wants in a blush!
The packaging reminds me of Malibu Barbie !!! Hot pink and yellow..I love!

Best application method
I do feel that it takes time to get used to these chubby little cheek artsist blushes. The first time i put this on, i just took the stick and dragged it across my cheek and blended. That resulted in a very heavy look, the next time i did it with a kabuki brush but that didnt do much either. I finally realised that i like it best if i just dab dots of it on my cheeks and blend with my fingers…so yes, finding your own application style will take a bit of researching

What i liked about it:

  • Pigmentation: Vivid color with one stroke of this little stick
  • Color: Beautiful rosey pink color that will flatter anyone
  • Lasting Power: Lasted the whole day at work for me . Dont know how it would fare in a non A/C environment
  • Blendability: I always have an issue with sticky cream blushes that are difficult to blend( I find MAC ones sticky!), but this one is a dream to blend. Dab and spread !. Done!
  • Yellow and Pink packaging- cute!

What i didnt like about it

  • There is little product in there. I think this would get over pretty quickly, because when i twist it up i only get about an inch out of it . I am also concerned about how it will fare in the hot delhi summer…will the twisty thing just melt and fall off?

                                                               Overall Verdict 5/5 or A+

Price: Rs 350/-

Will I repurchase: Yes, i want the peach one too!

Overall Recommendation: There is a dearth of good cream blushes in India, and this is a very welcome addition to the gang. It is a very pretty neutral rosey color which will suit just about everyone and is fantastic for every day wear. Do experiment with it to find which application style suits you best, because that does take some time to get used to, but apart from that this one is a definite winner from Lakme
Disclaimer: Product sent by PR for review. That has obviously not affected my opinion

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