What does my family have in common with Lakme’s Shadow Artist Shimmer Sticks? Theyr both a little chubby and proud of it  !! So lets kick off the Fantasy Collection fanfare , with these Lakme Shadow Artist Shimmer Sticks…or as i like to call it ‘Lakme’s Chubby  Eye Sticks’!

Left to Right: Glimmer Green, Astral Blue
Astral Blue: The Budget Beautyoholics answer to MAC Siahi

Astral Blue is somewhat similar to MAC Siahi, a deep ocean blue with subtle shimmer in it. It is a gorgeous inky blue – a color that is personally one of my favourites to wear as a smokey eye or as a smudgy liner by itself. Siahi is definitely deeper and blacker but similarities can be drawn

Glimmer Green: A shimmery bright pista green
Glimmer Green is a shimmery pista color with a lot more sheen and shimmer to it than Astral Blue. On my eyes, i usually go for deeper shades of green but to bring in the summer this is definitely a nice color- specially for those with lighter skin tones

How to Wear these?

  • My favourite way to wear them- put a thick line on your upper lid. Smudge with a brush all over your lid  to create a 2 minute deep blue smokey eye.
  • Wear as a thick liner on your eye(I dont recommend this though…they bleed and smudge a lot))
  • Wear as a kohl pencil on the lower rim
  • Wear as an eyeshadow base. When you want to intensify the color of an eyeshadow, just put these as a base underneath!

Astral Blue smudged across lid

What I like about these:

  •  The colors – specially astral blue is gorgeous!
  • These are extremely versatile and multitasking as makeup products. Can be worn in a variety of ways
  • Extremely soft and creamy and an absolute dream to apply. 
  • The fact that i can create a 2 minute smokey eye with this is very welcome !!

What i dont like about these

  • Since these are chubby, i do wonder how i would sharpen them, I dont think they  fit it into a regular sharpener. So a special sharpener will be needed
  • Since these are so soft and smudgy, those of you who want that clean smudg eproof liner look- this isnt for you. These are more to be used as eyeshadows in my opinion

Overall Verdict: 3.5/5

Price: Rs350/- (7$)
Other Shades: Available in 4 shades total
Would i Repurchase: Yes
Overall Recommendation: These are really handy to have around for creating just 2 minute eyeshadows. Place, and smudge. Theyr soft and creamy, come in flattering colors and very easy to apply! I wouldnt really recommend these for people who want smudge proof liners because thats not what these intend to be! They definitely bleed and smudge..

Disclaimer: Product sent by PR for review. Obviously, that has not affected my opinion

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