About two months back, I saw a girl enter the Zara Store in Promenade. She was wearing this color on her lips which was a light red- partly coral, partly pink. It didnt even look like a lipstick, it looked like she had eaten a raspberry and her mouth had been stained. She was just about my skintone and going about doing her shopping , completely unaware that a crazy obsessed person ( a.k.a me!) was staring at her lips . I think after a while she caught on to my stalker like behaviour and started giving me strange looks. Well, i couldnt let her think i was some psycho, so i went up to her and asked her what she was wearing on her lips. ‘Oh , its Cindy’, She said. “Cindy?’ I thought , ‘ Is there a brand of makeup i have not heard about at all??’. ‘Its by MAC’ she offered helpfully. ‘Aaaah Viva Glam Cyndi..ofcourse i knew that lipstick’  !!

Well, i hopped, skipped and jumped to the MAC store in Promenade. As expected – ‘Sold out M’aam’ was the answer i got . I then went home, and went to the closest MAC store to my house- in Gurgaon ..Once again ‘Sold Out’. The store in Noida.. ‘Sold out’, in Saket ‘Sold out!’. Grrr. It was infuriating  me! I tried everything, every MAC store, every friend i knew of …..it was all sold out!!!

Left to Right: One swipe, Two swipes, Three swipes

How i finally got it
Then i called ‘The boy’ ( *Imagines  James Bondesque music in the background )  I know he stays in a town where the only thing that is ever sold out is Biryani!!!  His reaction was like ‘ You want me to enter a MAC store? Really? And ask for a lipstick? Are you serious????’ …Yes thats exactly what i wanted. After a whole lot of coaxing and bargaining about what he would get in return (*cough cough ;)  ) he finally agreed and as i expected it was in stock!!!. And then, a few weeks back i got my Cyndi with me ! Yayy! Whats ironic is that right after i got it, i went for my cousins wedding who gave me another tube of Cyndi since she didnt use it that often.!!

The color
Okay anyway, enough with the stories. Cyndi is a light coral red by MAC . Its one of those lipsticks which in one swipe is a wearable pink, in two swipes its a raspberry coral, and in three its the most beautiful, wearable light red for warm skin tones. Being a lustre finish you can  layer it up or down and go for a bright look or an everyday look. What i love about this lipstick is how wearable a red this  is. Its the perfect bright but still muted  lip for me !!!

Overall Verdict: 4.5/5

Price: Rs 990/-

Will i repurchase: Did you not read the story?

Recommendation: If you are a warm, medium toned girl and are looking for a wearable way to wear a bright color, you will LOVE this lipstick. It gives a stained, just eaten a raspberry look to your lips and is a color that will suit just about anybody- from the palest of pale to the darkest of dark. No wonder it is never in stock..you can layer it up to make it a light red, or wear it sheer for a deep berry coral..

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