” Its best to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural’- Coco Chanel
When i saw this quote on the Pankake by Puneet website, i knew we had similar philosophies in makeup. Use makeup, but keep it natural. The next thing that caught my eye was the bridal makeup portfolio. The brides looked radiant, and beautiful without looking caked with makeup. Yes , thats the kind of bride i want to be!

Who is Puneet? 
Make-up training has been a passion for Puneet, who quit a lucrative job with M.A.C. as the National Trainer for India to start training make-up artists under her own wing. 

Puneets Portfolio of Bridal Makeup
Click the link below to view the brides that Puneet has made up. 

A brides picture from Puneets portfolio

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Makeup Courses
For those interested,  Pankake by Puneet is a Mumbai based makeup institute . It conducts trauning courses in Makeup and is planning to spread to the rest of the country very soon. They have a 5 week PRO Course as well as a beginner which is extremely extensive. It is in association with UTV and The Art Loft so its not one of those run of the mill courses. They really seem to know the stuff 
I have the entire course information with me and it goes in to detail right from the brushes, to colors, to  neutral eyes, bright eye makeup, makeup for pictures, etc etc etc. Its full on intense makeup madness!



      20% OFF on all KRYOLAN, BEN NYE, NYX products and 15-20% off on MAKE UP FOREVER products.
     For the top students, placements in high end make up brands are offered.
  • Recommendations to Celebrity management companies, Magazines, Wedding planners and Event management companies, after the training is over, in their respective cities.
  • Students will get an opportunity to accompany Puneet on shoots and get a feel of being on a real time shoot.
      Students will have an opportunity to create a portfolio of their work, from a professional photographer, after their training is over, so that they have professional pictures to show to new clients.
·        Students will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

M.A.C / Make up Forever / Chanel / Shiseido / Lancome / Bobbi Brown/ 
Ben Nye/ Smash Box/ Kryolan

Course Starts: 
11th April , 2011

Contact Information:
For those interested, call / e-mail at the numbers mentioned in the poster above or get in touch with me and i shall tell you the relevant contact person.

Since i get a lot of questions about makeup artists and training courses in India, i shall be featuring some of the ones which catch my attention from time to time. Pankake by Puneet is the inaugural one in this series.

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