Maybelline Water Shine Lipsticks are my least favourite amongst all Maybelline Lipsticks. Thats it. Review over. Haha, okay i’ll give you more details but you can guess where this review is going. I dont like em!. The color i have in this is BC11 (Why, oh WHY do companies not give names ??? .Lipsticks are human too!. Okay, they’r not but still numbers are aweful!)

BC 11 is a nice peachy rose pink with warm undertones. My major problems with Water Shine Lipsticks is that they are super sheer. They are literally like lip balms, in lipstick form. I hate that. For me, a lipstick needs to be opaque, cover everything up nicely and have good pigmentation. If i want a tinted lip balm, i will just go buy one. Why do i need to get a lipstick?

:Left to Right: One swatch, 2 swatches, 3 swatches


  • Not drying , and very moisturizing.
  • Gives a glossy shiny finish


  • Its not a lipstick. Its just a spy who is actually tinted lip balm but is undercover as a lipstick
  • Bad pigmentation- very very sheer.
  • Aweful lasting power. It goes off in half an hour literally
  • Strange numbering system. Wish they had some names
  • Wierd color ranges, Very few that i liked

Overall Verdict: 2 / 5 

Price: Rs 225/-
Will i Repurchase: No.

Recommendation: These are not for me. I like lipsticks with solid pigmentation and lasting power. These are more like lip balms, and have poor lasting power. Some of the younger girls may like them if you just want a tinted gloss.

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