My hair, is one of the big  reasons  why im currently even in a relationship. More on  why and how a bit  later, but for now let me tell you that for  the most part of my school life, i obsessed over how to make my wavy / curly  hair appear straighter. I used serums, straightened my hair before parties, blow dried them , got hair cuts to make them appear straight..all of which gave me momentary happiness, but i never found a long term solution to how i wanted my hair to look like. Until one day i said “Yknow what…i have naturally wavy hair, im just going to embrace it”. That, along with deciding to start this blog, was one of the best decisions of my life”

I went to a stylist and told her “I have wavy hair, give me something that will enhance the curls” She gave me a cut with lots of layers..she called it a ‘layered razor’, and i havent changed my hairstyle ever since.
Anyway, coming back to the topic of the post , in a quick snapshot this is what im using currently:

A. L’oreal Vitamino Color Protecting Conditioner (Rs 545/-) :I dont have colored hair, never have had them  so its ironic ill use a color protecting conditioner, but really, i just use this because it gives my hair much needed moisture. I have extremely dry hair, so this helps in smoothening it and moisturizig it out a great deal. Plus this doesnt weigh  them down and make them limp so i like that. In case this is too expensive for you…you can also try the Herbal Essences ‘Hello Hydration’ conditioner (Rs 185/)- it smells like paradise in a bottle and does a fine job of conditoning hair.

B. Herbal Essences ‘Breaks Over’ Shampoo (Rs 180/-): I am not really fussy about shampoo’s, Im more fussy about conditioners , so this is just one iv been using over the last 3 months. I have a huge hair breakage problem for which i need medical treatment, but i feel (atleast psychologically) that i lose less hair in the shower when i rinse my hair with this ite out of the lot.

C. Kerasteste Oleo Curl Hair Masque Rs 1000/-(i think)
This is a mask thats really hard to find in the market. When i was living in Mumbai, i used to get this from a local salon, but in delhi its difficult to get . I LOVE this treatment. I used it sparingly – like once in two weeks, but this leaves my hair so soft, so shiny and moisturized that i feel iv just had a hair spa. My curls are hydrated, but not limp so you get bouncy shiny curls without the weigh down. Absolutely love it! Im super bummed that i cannot find this in delhi and have to make do without it :(

D.Matrix Biolage Smoothening Serum.(Rs 210/-)
This is just  a random product that i used in Bombay, when my hair was excessively frizzy, and i had little pokey ly away sticking out from everyway. Its a basic serum which will settle all those fly aways and make your hair appear smoother. Careful application is required though, too much and your hair can look oily!

E.My Philips Salon Super Stylist Rs 1995/-
This is my curling rod, flat iron, crimper, all rolled into one. I actually dont even use the flat iron (this one aint so good), but i definitely use the curling rod at times when my hair is having a bad hair day and i need to go out. Very rarely. I love how many options it comes with. Whether you want to curl your hair, or make it soft and wavy like the movie stars or whether you want ringlets. Love this thing, it has literally cut down on me going to the parlour in half! Full review is on my blog here

How i style my hair after a wash without any heat:

  • Post a wash, i dont need to use any heat on my hair at all anymore…All i do is: Comb through towel dried hair with a wide toothed comb. Take a small section (around 2 inches wide) right at the center of my head and pin it back The rest of the hair i scrunch– this involved putting your hand (palm facing upwards) right at the ends of your hair. Now move your palm up, close your fist and let it go. Thats it !. When it dries, i open the pin. The result is curls all around, and a little flick on top that is straight.

Those are curls without any heat- only scruching after a wash

Btw , if any of you guys are travelling to the states, then definitely get back the ‘Batiste dry shampoo’. I have one bottle lying around somewhere thats almost over . It is a life saver for bad hair days when you dont have time for a proper shampoo. You just spray it on and thats it …yr shampooed in a dry way!!

Oh, and incase you are wondering what important role it has to play in my r/s. Well..’the boy’ once told me – “If it were’nt for your hair, i dont know if i would have hit on you  …Yr curly hair kept distracting me all the time!!!”. not sure whether to take that as a compliment or  insult honestly. Boys are strange.

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