Does the smell of freshly brewed coffee turn you on? (It’s an aphrodisiac girls!). Do you need that morning shot of caffeine to kickstart your morning? Can you sit in Coffee shops for hours, smelling the lovely rich aromas of coffee beans? If yes, then you will absolutely LOVE  the coffee face scrub by the natures company, because its literally like coffee beans in a squeezy tube.

Fortunately, i adore how coffee smells like and so when i flipped open the cap on this and took one whiff of it i was in la-la-cocoa land. Oh my gosh, i loved it so much, i could literally eat it!!! Whats even better is that the scrub itself is the perfect blend of gentleness and abrasiveness to keep me interested. The best part about it is that i feel my skin feels as soft as butter when i touch it afterwards. It really is one of the nicest scrubs iv ever used. All this, mind you with that rich heady smell of coffee beans !. If you are thinking that you dont want your face to smell of coffee, then dont worry, this does not leave any after smell at all. Only smooth, silky soft skin and a refreshed face,…

Okay, so it does look slightly gross when you squeeze it out (Iv had my brother give me all sorts of descriptions about what it looks like). But, dont be fooled by appearances, it absolutely lovely! Iv been using this for close to 2 weeks now, so iv got a fair idea about what it does or doesnt do.

Whats to love about the coffee face scrub

  • It smells so yummy- like rich  freshly beaten coffee, oh my god i can keep sniffing this thing!!!
  • It is super moisturizing and my skin feels buttery soft after using it . It is not drying AT ALL!!
  • The ingredients list is short, sweet and completely chemical free
  1. Coffee Extracts
  2. Coffe Powder
  3. Coffee Grits
  4. Vegetable Glycerin
  5. Olive Oil
  6. Creame Base, Aroma and Natural Preservatives
  • The scrub itself is gentle on the skin, but the crushed coffee beans make it abrasive enough to do what a scrubs supposed to do- exfoliate
  • You can order it online and it ships internationally!!

Whats not to love about the coffee face scrub

  • Rs 525/-(11$) for a face scrub is quite expensive. Scrubs in general are not items i like to spend so much money on .If i think about it though, its definitely cheaper than any lush scrub right?
  • Im not sure how well this will work for oily skin . My skin is dry and it leaves it very moisturized but im not sure whether oily skinned girls would like that moisture boost. It does say ‘for all skin types ‘ on the bottle though.

About the Brand- The Natures Co

“The Nature’s Co. is a one stop place for all holistic and completely natural beauty and wellness products. Based on the idea – “nature” is the way of life. All their products contain natural ingredients that are against animal cruelty, vegan and of best quality from across the globe. They products are manufactured using natural hill spring water and contain natural preservatives instead of synthetics such as parabens to enrich and revive your senses.
The Nature’s Co. is currently present in Mumbai -Palladium Mall (Phoenix Mills), Delhi – Select Citywalk (Saket), Kolkota (South City Mall), Chennai- Express Avenue (Roypettah high road) and Ahmedabad- Iscon Mega Mall.”

The Natures Co is available online and ships internationally:
The Natures Co Fan Page Link:

Overall Verdict : 4.5/5

Price: Rs 525/- (11$)
Where to buy it: At the malls listed above, or online…it ships worldwide
Would i repurchase: If this didnt come with that price tag attached, i would for sure. 

Recommendation: This is possibly one of the best face scrubs iv ever used. Its gentle , yet effective and smells like a dream. A surefire hit for those for normal to dry skin, while those with oily skin might want to test it out first.

PS: Happy Women’s Day Girlies!

Disclaimer: The product was provided by PR for review purposes. Obviously, thats not why im gushing about it.If you are unsure what this means- please refer to the ‘Policies’ tab on the top.

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