How many of you are looking forward to the Wednesday match between India / Pak? I am so nervous and excited that i dont think ill even be able to watch it!! My friends have a table booked at Mocha Art House (My favourite Mocha in the entire  world city), but i have work – that too at a very wierd shift on that day so i wont be able to go .(No, i dont work in a call centre, or in Mc Donalds..people with normal corporate jobs sometimes have shifts too..hmph).Anyway, what does the Nyx Studio Liquid Liner have anything to do with cricket? Nothing. Except that you obviously need a nice smudge proof liner in case you  get too emotional during the match!

 Nyx Studio Liquid Liner in ‘Extreme Plum Purple’ is a deep inky purple with subtle gold shimmer. Its the kind of purple i can never get enough of, since purple is a color which looks so great on brown eyes.Actually even on green eyes…purple is the kind of color which makes them pop! The liner itself has a thin , but not runny consistency which makes it light and comfortable to wear..


What I like about Nyx Liner in Extreme Plum Purple
  • Prettiest Purple liner ever. Love the subtle gold shimmer!
  • Very handy long and thin brush for application. You can make a tiny thin line or a at thick one as you wish with ease.
  • I got about 6-8 hours of wear from this- so decent wearability.
  • It comes off easily with water. That is something which is a definite pro for me , since i hate rubbing my eyes over and over again to get liners off..
What  dont like about Nyx Liner in Extreme Plum Purple
  • If you look at the swatch above,it is semi sheer. So you definitely need to go over the liner atleast twice or thrice to get a  nice opaque color. That is really annoying for me. I have zero patience, and a liner is supposed to be opaque in one go.
  • Takes a while to dry. peeve for impatient girls like me.
  • Since this does come off easily with water, its best not to wear it out in the monsoons…
Overall Verdict: 3/5

Price: Rs200 /- ($4.5)
Will i Repurchase: If Nyx was easily available in my city , then i probably would but this is not worth ordering again with shipping cost etc
Overall Recommendation: For the price you pay, this is a liner which does the job and comes in a huge variety of colors(They even have a pink!!!). This particular shade is absolutely stunning !!!It annoys me that it is sheer in first go, which is its biggest drawback, but otherwise these are nice to have in a whole variety of colors without breaking the bank

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