Friend I “Saturday my place, my birthday partyyy…its a disco dressed appropriately”
Me” Disco? Why Disco? I dont like disco..what do i wear for disco?”
Friend I ” Arre, wear shiny blingy stuff…sequins and full on jazz”
Me “‘Okay lets see. I hate theme parties”

 So the reason i am  not particularly fond of theme parties is because they are a bit of a gamble. If you dress up according to the theme and everyone else just comes in a nice black dress, then you look stupid. And if you dress up in a nice black dress when everyone else is in theme then you are a spoilsport. So i decided, that i was going to tread thre middle path in ‘DISCO’ and go with something blingy but still wearable. So i wore a blinged out skirt which is  actually a tube top made of just a sheath of sequins and a bag to match! Im glad i treaded the middle path because the only thing disco about the party was this balloon im holding:

Top: Exaggerated shoulder sleeved blue top from Penny Lane  Rs 700/- (12$)
Skirt: An all over sequined tube top worn as a skirt- bought from flea market Rs 100/- (2$)
Belt: from Kazo  Rs 700/- (22$)
Beige flats: Bags n More Rs 400/- (9$)
Bag: Blingy Bag from Primark UK (Gifted)
Golden Bangles and thin golden chain: Forever 21

Psst: I try to pose like all you fashion bloggers- with high fashion posing styles :p. But i fail miserably, so i am just going to go with tried and tested hand on hip haha!

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