In case you haven’t noticed already, purple is one of my favourite colors for brown eyes. It enhances the ‘brown-ness’ in them ,  so any look i do, i always seem to have a bit of purple in it.This one has a pop  of creamy gold, and then swirles of lavender and grey. We have a lot of weddings coming up in the family, and me thinks this will look great with my smokey grey- purple  saree..

By the way, iv noticed that i have kind of stopped doing tutorials altogether and i always seem to just do these eyes of the day. Do let me know in case you want picture tutorials. I dont do them because i feel kind of lazy honestly, since tutorials are  hard to photograph- but that shouldnt be a reason for me not to do them !!! Also, any post request guys? Im working on a haircare routine that was requested , but any more requests are very welcome- im facing a bit of a bloggers block these days and requests always seem to get my brain cells churning…

Products used
Inglot Gold eyeshadow in the centre of the eyelid
Shimmery Purple from 88 coastal sents pallette all around it (semi circle method)
Dark grey in the outer corner
Black liner pencil on top lid (extended to outer corner thickly) by Clinique
Clinique liner on lower lash line as well
Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara

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