When i was a kid, and i excitedly took my first trip to the beach on a holiday, i was totally dissapointed to find that whenever i would paddle in the water there would be a ton of seaweed getting stuck around my chubby toes. It was totally slimy and eww!!! I  hated it! At that time an aunty that i never really liked told me ‘But Beta, Seaweed is really good for the skin’ . I remember looking at her with huge eyes , thinking in my kid mind that  she was a crazy woman. Well, not so crazy after all i guess, since Body Shop has an entire range around Seaweed now ..Aunty..if you are reading this..i am sorry for thinking you are psycho. I really am.

 Coming to the point, these are two seaweed products my sister has been using for the past 6 months, and she has really oily skin. Completely opposite to mine. I thought i should give them a little mention since she knows a thing or two about taking care of oily/combination skin which is acne prone.

The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Toner Review(Left Above)

Body Shop Claims  “An alcohol-free, refreshing and purifying toner. Instantly and effectively conditions, purifies and refreshes the skin, removing excess traces of make-up and cleanser.Leaves skin feeling fresh, purified, looking shine-free, and better prepared to absorb moisturising products in the Seaweed range”

Overall Verdict  : 4.5/5

Price: 545/-

Will it be repurchased by the sister ? Yes Yes Yes !!!

Overall Recommendation(As told to me by the sister): I didnt even believe that a toner did anything much till i used this. My oily, acne prone skin definitely has cleared up to such an extent that i get comments about what iv been using.. This is it ! It gives deep cleansing, leaves the faces feeling fresh and minty clean , and atleast for me has caused my skin to clear up within months! Not just that, it works as a makeup remover too! My only point against is that it sometimes leaves my face tight, but apart from that…I am definitely repurchasing and using this religiously! 

The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream Review

Body Shop Claims ” An easily absorbed, non-clogging, oil-free, hydrating gel-like moisture cream. It controls excess sebum and shine whilst delivering essential moisture to areas most in need, balancing the skin throughout the day. Leaves skin feeling fresh, clean, soft and supple with a shinefree, matte complexion.”

Mattifying Day Cream
Overall Verdict  : 3/5
Price: 695/-
Will it be repurchased by the sister ? MaybeUntil she finds a cheaper alternative she says

Overall Recommendation(As told to me by the sister): The Body Shop Day cream is one of those rare creams that worked on my skin without breaking me  out at all. It does give me that hydration injection into my skin without leaving it oily. However, the mattifying effect is short lived, and the oiliness returns in some time around 3 hours to be exact. This, coupled with the fact that it smells slightly strange, and comes at such a high price for a cream makes this product okay but not great.

Hope all you girls with oily/combination skin enjoyed this..

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