Tsk ! Tsk! The Bollywood social calender is looking as dull and boring as  Chunky Pandey’s career! I have been scouring the internet for pictures of our bollywood beauties dolled up for the latest partay, but instead i only see them making some rather sad appearances at PR events! Oh well, this is the best and worst of what i saw over the last month. (Not too many this month girlies!)
The Best Dressed this month
Shraddha Kapoor  Sonal Chauhan (thanks for the correction anonymous!) looking effortlessly stylish in a white blazer with black accents and a chunky gold owl necklace ! Me likes the simplicity and the styling! Me no likes the makeup though!

Katrina embracing the spring season (though seriously, Mumbai has no seasons) with florals!Flouncy loose sleeves , a tan belt and a cute floral print give this such a summery cool feel. I have to admit though that those shoes have a really wierd fit on her feet

I stared at this photo for a really long time , unsure about whether i liked it or not. But then, given rani’s fashion faux pas in the past, i think this midnight blue gown looks rather flattering on her No? What do you think?

The worst dressed this month

OUCH!! I cant comment on this photo . I am getting distracted by the way their well endowed err *body parts* are getting suffocated. Gosh let them breathe girls!  And seriously, why do you want to make them look like christmas ornaments?

Priety looks like a super hero(ine) version of Basanti from Sholay .Only super hero(ines) wear capes in unflattering colors Priety. And honestly who wants to see a movie titled ‘Bad A** Basanti’?

What do you think? Agree? Disagree?

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Disclaimer: All pictures from www.santabanta.com. I dont claim ownership

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