My favourite kind of shopping is not one  which happens in malls, and high fashion stores (Though i love that too!), but it is the one that happens on the streets of Delhi. In open air markets, where the experience of shopping is just as much fun as the bargains you manage to find! So last weekend, after a quick trip to the doc, i went shopping to two places- Sarojini Nagar (Delhi’s biggest open air market with the most amazing bargains possible) and Khan Market (An upmarket area with smattering of small, beautiful but not very cheap boutiques)..So without further ado, lets haul a bit shall we !!!

Sarojini Nagar Haul
Lilac Across Body Bag: Rs 200 (4$) . This thing is selling at asos for like 5 times the price!

Lace Jacket: Rs 250 /- (5$)

Navy Blue Vest with Polka Dotted Chiffon Bow : Rs 150/- (3$)
Pink Tube Jumpsuit. I cant photograph this properly, cos it only shows up nicely when worn. Rs 150/- (3$)
Khan Market Haul
 (All of the things below are from a shop called Hydeout- MUST Visit if you like wearing flats)
Bronze Anklet Sandals  Rs 950/- (20$)

Grey And Silver Sandals Rs 1050/- (22$)
Bag I made my mom buy, so i can sneakily steal it later. Tee Hee Rs 2100/- (40$)
How to Bargain in Sarojini- What happened when i went to buy the lace jacket

Man Selling Lace Jacket: Its for 450/-

Me: Are u kidding me? Why will i come to sarojini if i will spend 450?
Man: Its straight fom New york Fashion Week Madame. High Fashion it is!!
Me: Ya. Right. It says Rohit Nirula on the label.
Man: Okay, leave it you obviously dont have an eye for high fashion things. Someone with a better eye will come along and take it. You will only buy run of the mill things, tsk what can i do..
Me: Sheesh what filmy dialogues. Bye. When you want to come out of Bollywood into normalcy then tell me …*walks off hoping the man will follow her to reduce the price*
Man: Okay Okay, take it for 350, i have to do bonnie (Bonnie is a term that shop keepers in sarojini use to make the first sale of the day. They are superstitious about this and feel if it doesnt go well, the entire day will not)
Me: No. 250
Man: You are taking my heart and kicking it (Dil pe chot mar rahe ho )
Me: Again, yr back in bollywood. Here..250..byeee!!
Man: Okay, come again madame!

Lessons Learnt From Sarojini Shopping: 
“Bonnie” Rules. Go in the morning and take advantage of Bonnie. If you are wondering what or who is bonnie, you havent read the post carefully! Also, always quote half the price they quote first.

Lessons Learnt From Khan Market Shopping
Shoes and Bags= Happiness :) :)

If you wanna see another cool haul post on sarojini check out what Classy&fab bought here. The shop she went to in Sarojini has aweeesome shoes, but somehow nothing was available in my size!!! 

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