You know  that ultra cheesy pick up line “Is your dad a terrorist…Cos you sure are da bomb!!!”. Well, with makeup like ‘Purple Pataka’ (Purple Firecracker), Elle 18’s Color Bombs have put that line in a whole new light.  Cos now you can just look back, whip out your lipstick and say ‘Its not me, its Elle 18!’. No, that is very lame girls, please dont say that…. that would only work in an Elle 18 commercial!! If anyone gives you that line, i would suggest just pointing at the persons face and laughing very loudly.

Elle 18 Eye Sparklers: Purple Pataka
  • A really pretty pearly lavender color
  • Nicely pigmented
  • Soft and creamy- so you can blend them easily and use as a  cream eyeshadow or an eyeshadow base. You can even use them as an eye liner but they do smudge and i prefer using them as eyeshadows/ bases
  • Dirt Cheap ! It doesnt get cheaper than Rs 85/- !!!
  • No Ingredient list mentioned which makes me slightly wary.
  • When i used it on the lower lash line, it stung my eyes :(
  • It creases on your eye lid A LOT
                                                                                    1. N

Overall Rating : 3/5
Price: Rs 85/
Overall Recommendation: These are super affordable versions of Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencils or Like Lakme’s Shadow Artist Shimmer Sticks.. They are nice to have as quick eyeshadows or bases or liners. Because they are so affordable, i can actually ignore the creasing aspect of them. I do wish that i could use them on my lower lash line because it did sting. Overall if you are a budget beautyoholic , these are good to stock up on. They are not miracle workers but at Rs 85 what do you expect?
Elle 18 Colorburst lipsticks: Raspberry Ripple


  • Very Pigmented – one swipe is good to go
  • This particular color is not for me, but i think its one which looks really pretty on fair skin tones as well as older women. Like my mom loves this color!
  • Lasts for a decent amount of time. 3-4 hours is what i get with most lipsticks
  • Does not dry out my lips. I think that little chapstick thingie right in the centre keeps lips supple!
  • Again- super duper affordable at Rs 100/-


  • I call this the drunk lipsticks cos it keeps wobbling inside the tube. Its so flimsy and the packaging is really really cheap. I really wonder how sturdy this will be because even a brand new tube looked wobbly and flimsy, if u drop it lightly even once its gone for sure!
  • Again, no  ingredient list except cocoa butter mentioned

Overall Rating : 3/5
Price : Rs 100/-

Overall Recommendation: The colorburst lipsticks have good pigmentation and fare decently on most fronts. I think for girls starting out with makeup, these are extremely good alternatives . Personally for me , flimsy and cheap looking packaging is a huge pet peeve , had these been better packaged i would have probably repurchased for sure. I cant let pet peeves of mine affect the marks i give to it, because on all other fronts it does good. If you can deal with the flimsiness, these are actually very budget friendly and worth it.
Final Thoughts on the Elle 18 Color Bomb Range:
 This range is aimed at the tween girl who is new makeup and i think it is a definite  hit for them! I can imagine obsessively collecting these in college (excpet i never wore makleup in college) It is super pocket friendly and thats the reason why one can overlook some of the downsides of the products. Had these been more expensive, i would probably have been stricter with them, but for what you pay you definitely get your moneys worth. 
Ps: Since we are on the subject of pickup lines , how do you people feel about this one..A guy walks towards you, picks up a sugar sachet from the floor, gives the sugar sachet to you  and says ‘Baby you dropped your name tag’..Cheesy ? Cute? Both?

Disclaimer: Product provided by PR for review. My opinion is honest though.

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