A super easy 3-step , 3- product tutorial that was requested. I like to keep it simple and fun !  For summer i love green on the eyes..bright chartreuses or deep foresty greens, they all look so purrty on brown eyes and wheatish skin. LOVE that color !

Stuff you need (‘Apparatus’ for  the science geeks!)

A blue eye pencil or blue cream eyeshadow (I am using Astral Blue Shadow Artist Stick by Lakme)
A brush (I am using Faces eyeshadow brushes)
A green eyeshadow (Green eyeshadow called Makeout Mary from theBalm Shady Lady Palette)

Step 1: Blue pencil as a base in strategic areas.
Take the blue eye pencil and place on the inner and outer part of your lid, and a little into your crease as shown below. You can be untidy, it doesn’t matter really. Take a brush, and smudge it, leaving the middle of the lid bare.

Step 2: Green Eyeshadow
Take the green eyeshadow and apply it all over your lid evenly. Notice how the green changes color on top of the blue, versus how it looks on the bare middle of the lid. It makes it look like yv spent hours blending 4 different colors, but really its only just been 2 minutes! Yes, this is the same ‘cheat’ techqniue i posted about earlier. I a cheater and proud of it !

Step 3: Finishing touches, liner and mascara.

Take a brush and blend all the harsh lines out, so the edges are soft and smudgy.
Take the blue pencil and apply it on the top and bottom lash line, finish with mascara!

Step 4: Head over to the French Connection India Blog to see which dresses i would pair this with, and which celebrity inspired this look. Click HERE for that

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