The next time your significant other wants to gift you a rose, please ask for this one. The glass rose housing the  perfume that is Guerlain’s  ‘My Insolence’, looks as beautiful and  delicate on my dresser, as it smells. (Guys will hate me for this forever- i am raising expectations of simple roses!)

I tried to capture the delicateness of the glass rose…oh well.

What Guerlain says :
Takes you on a journey to adorable softness. The gourmand floral expresses the delicious encounter of a ripe round raspberry and an almond tree flower that has fallen under the charm of a sensually feminine jasmine accompanied by the mysterious patchouli leaf

Okay, thats nice Guerlain  but what does that mean in english?
Well, this is what it really smells like to me. When it first hits your skin, you can smell some sweet fruitiness. There are some citrus notes, definitely a whiff of tartyness in there, but they arent sharp and acidic, rather they are delicate and sweet. I am guessing this is the raspberry that Guerlain is talking about. After the fragrance settles down on your skin, it veers in a floral direction- lots of flowers that are light and delicate. There is a whiff of vanilla in there along with some jasmine …I am the kinds who doesnt like smelling like a bouqet of roses, and this definitely veers away from that- rather it gives you a ‘i just had had a walk in a garden with jasmines and almond trees’ feel. I think ‘adorable softness’ describes it well….

Available in 30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml
Scent Type: Delicate Florals, with just a touch of fruity
Price: starts at Rs 2400/- for 30 ml..goes up to 4700 for 100 ml

Needless to say, i highly recommend this …I love this perfume and i adore the lovely bottle it comes in. If you are into light romantic scents, this is for you…

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