About two weeks back, at around 11 pm at night, i was pacing up and down the length of Select City Walk Mall in Delhi. See, a certain someone had a quick overnighter in Delhi, and he was supposed to meet me in Select at 11 pm for late dinner and drinks, but obviously he was wayy wayyyy late(Grrr..). So i did the only thing there was to do..entered random shops which were still open at 11 pm . Thats when i saw Inglot , and juuusst when the store was closing i bought this little thing . (Hello, if i was made to wait i was going to put it to good use !)

When wet, it has a mousse/ concealer like consistency, which makes your wonder whether it will work or not..but it dries soon..

The Inglot Eye Makeup base is a beige colored base with a creamy concealer like consistency.It comes in a little black tub, and is easy to blend onto the eyelids before applying eyeshadows. If i had to word this review in one line i would say, it makes eyeshadows pop, it makes them last all day, and does okay on the creasing aspect. Given that this costs only about Rs 420/- (8$), i find that very worth it

Left: Green Eyeshadow without base, Right: Green eyeshadow over the base

This is what i like about Inglot Eye Makeup Base

  • Makes colors pop for sure. I can now wear even my less pigmented eyeshadows easily over this.
  • It makes them last all day. I have oily eyelids, and this just soaks up that oil, and dries them out making em last for a long time
  • It does a decent job of minimising creasing, its not a miracle worker and isnt as good as a MAC Paint Pot in this area but it definitely does an okay job.
  • It is easy to apply- just dab on fingers and blend
  • Rs 420/- is affordable !

This is what is not so great about Inglot Eye Makeup Base

  • Do NOT keep this in the heat. It melts, which makes me wonder how it will fare in tropical  climates! Also initially, i was not impressed with this at all because I put this on too thick, and my eyeshadows creased . Only if you put it too thick though, but it takes time to figure out the perfect consistency you want that suits you. 
  • Takes practice to get the thickness right and takes time to dry again an issue with creasing
  • It baffles me that there is only one shade available in this.What about girls who are much darker than me, this color will definitely stand out a little on their eyelids. I would also like to see an entire range of this from Inglot- like MAC Paint Pots- a shimmery one, a brown one, a champagne one.
Overall Verdict* :4/5

Price: 420/- (8$)

Will i repurchase: Yes
Other Shades Available : NO
Overall Recommendation: For girls looking for affordable eye shadow bases , Inglot comes to the rescue. This base makes colors pop, lasts all day and does just about okay on the creasing front.The only thing you need to be careful about is whether this color is good for u (there is only one available!!) , and getting the  thickness of application right (you need very little or it will crease!). It is not as brilliant as a MAC Paint Pot, but at less than half the price , lets just call this the budget beautyholics Paint Pot.!

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