No, i am not trying to hit on you with a pick up line. I am merely talking about Inglot lipsticks- which are numbered, not named. I am convinced that people get blinded  with the number of colors and numbers  in an Inglot store and run out… I cannot fathom any other reason why this brand is not as much a cult favourite as it should be. Because this is a makeup brand which gives you high end quality products at  affordable prices. For example: This lipstick is only as expensive as Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks! 

Lipstick #178

#178 is a coral based red. It is definitely a bright  red, but because of the orange undertones to it, it is one which works beautifully on warm complexions – light, medium or dark without looking over the top or garish. Yknow, not like those aweful tomato reds that old aunties wear and come and kiss your cheeks with ..eww!  Personally, i am undecided about whether i can carry off a very bold lip, and hence end up wearing it more as a red tint rather than a full blown red lip.  But for those of you who like bold lips, i am sure you will fall in love with this color.

That is the color payyoff with one swipe
The good
  • Pigmentation: The pigmentation is absoutely brilliant. One light swipe, and you are good to go. Opaque coverage in one shot.
  • Lasting Power: These last really long on me like a good 6 hours.Impressive. When they fade, they leave a soft stain behind which is nice.
  • The range of colors: Like i said, the range of colors will blind you, i think there are 180 colors in total..just dont get blinded and run out of the store
  • Paraben Free: Whoopie!
  • Moisture:They claim to contain Vitamin E, Macademia Oil and Avocade Oil. Those oils definitely work because this doesnt dry out my lips. But I cant exactly call it moisturizing either. Personally, i can wear them quite comfortably without a chapstick underneath, but maybe those with very dry lips might have a problem.
The not so good.
  • Final look & Best Way to apply: In some colors, specially the lighter ones, the final finish on your lips looks  untidy from close, and emphasizes flakiness and cracks in  your lips. This problem is more pronounced in lighter colors . This can be countered however, by blotting the lipstick, pressing it down in little areas on your lips rather than swiping it.
  • The numbers are really annoying. I understand they want to give their lipstick a James Bond feel..yknow  007 and all…but numbers are not only inconvenient (when you have a lot of lipsticks, you need a name to remember), but they rob the lipsticks of personality! In fact, i think looking at the picture above, Agent 007 would be a rather cool name for this lipstick no?

Final Verdict: 4/5

Price: Rs 550/- (11$)

Will I Repurchase: Already have and will do again

Overall Recommendation:I found the pigmentation to be brilliant, and the texture to be comfortable to wear on the lips.  I was particularly impressed with the lasting power as well. All this for a very affordable 550/- bux is a great deal. My only issue is with certain colors :  that up close when the lipstick is swiped on, it doesnt look as flattering.  This particular shade is one which will work really well on warm complexions because of the orange undertones. Whether you love it or hate it is immaterial though, because you have 180 colors to choose from!

* 4/5 is the 3rd highest grade, out of 8 grades and corresponds to : Very Good.

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