“Why did the teacher wear sunglasses?” “Because her students were too bright!!!”. Remember that lame joke we all have cracked at one time or another? I suspect one of her students was this bronzer because i definitely need sunglasses to take in all that shimmeryness!!I

Lakme Bronzer, after removing the overspray: Err..it looks like i killed it 

First thoughts When i first opened the package, i was half blinded by the amount of glitter staring back at my eye. I honestly could not think of anyone who would want to wear that much glitter. Except maybe Bappi Lehri- because he loves bling !

After Removing Glitter overspray
After i went over the glitter, with a napkin, a brush, some part of my fingers i could finally see the colors for what they were. And the colors were beautiful. A sheeny terracotta golden brown which would look absolutely lovely on indian skin tones. There was some undertone of a deep peach in there and together it glistened like molten gold..The catch- no matter how much i scrubbed to get the glittery overspray out, there are still  chunks of glitter (not shimmer, ..GLITTER) embedded in the bronzer which may not be a bother to many people , but honestly its just not for me. I can take shimmer, i cannot take thick  glitter which kids get in crafts stores.

Swatch after removing glitter overspray- the colors are lovely

Overall this is what i liked about the Bronzer

  • The actual colors are absolutely gorgeous. A deep earthy terracotta gold which is really lovely!
  • This can definitely double up as a beautiful night time blush for summer time. In fact i use it sparingly only as a blush!

This is what didnt do it for me

  • The glitter- even after removing the overspray i found the glitter particles to be grainy. I cannot understand why Lakme would even spray it over with such thick glitter!. Plus, if you have spent your money on something, why would you want to take it home and then spend time removing the glitter.
  • I dont know whether i would call this as a bronzer honestly. You definitely CANNOT contour with this. This is more of a blush or a highlighting bronzer, but not a contouring bronzer for sure.
  • I thought the packaging was not very nice :( The plastic cover on top of the maroon lid really looked old fashioned and frumpy.

Overall Verdict: 2.5/5

Price: Rs 450/-

Would i Repurchase: No
Overall Recommendation: I am not someone who likes to work very hard on making a makeup product work for me. This was a product which worked only after removing that glitter overspray, and even after that the thick chunky glitter remnants remained. However, the colors of the bronzer are lovely and if you are someone who is a big shimmer fan you might want to check this out as a blush or bronzing highlighter.

Disclaimer: Product sent  by PR Review. In case you havent already figured it out, that review was obviously honest!

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