The Leaning Tower of Hairbands . . .

by mehak on April 25, 2011

in Fashion, Haircare

Its the eighth wonder of the world- my leaning tower of Hairbands. Every weekend, there is a new addition that gets piled on top of this, and somehow even though it precariously  leans towards the left, it never quite collapses! 

Now, i have a love-hate relationship with Hair Bands:Ever since i started seeing Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl, iv wanted a collection of these- a bow one, a floral one, a feathery one, any kind of one!!! I love em!.  But i also hate em because i have a rather wide , squarish face with curly hair. That combination spells disaster for hairbands. My wide face only looks wider and my curly hair get even more wild and voluminous with a hairband on..its so frustrating!!! So after a lot of experimenting, i have realised that thin hairbands, just placed on top of my head(not pushed back) seem to work the best on me…….

The Floral Hairbands
Black Hairband with Rose: Rs 70 /- (1.5$)  from GK-1 M Block Market
Floral Print Hairband: Rs 300 /- (6$) from Accessorize
The Bow Hairbands

White Bow Headband: Rs 100/- (2$)  from Forever 21
Black Bow Headband: Rs 300/- (4$)  from Zara
The Feathery Hairbands

Black feather wide  hairband on the bottom: 200/- (4$)  from Forever 21
Black haidband with rhinestones on top: Rs 150/- (3$)  from Forever21
The Simple Hairbands
Silver braided hairband: Rs 100/-(2$)  from Forever 21
Black hairband with piping : Rs 70/- (1.5$) from GK1- M Block Market

Which is your favourite?

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pavani reddy April 22, 2012 at 7:30 pm

i am soooo in love with head bands after seeing blair…i started my collection recentlyyyy….


thedelhibride August 11, 2012 at 3:12 pm

I have an oval shaped face with straight hair, but for me too the only way a hairband works is to just place it on top of my head! :) I’m guessing it’s girls with round faces who look good with the band pushed back.


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