Anything with the word ‘micro’ in it reminds me of biology, yknow like microcosm, microbes,  microscope…except microwave which just remind me of food, and micro mini which makes me want to go shop for one! So when i heard of a micro -emulsion i was like, what is it? Is it a biology chapter, is it a mini version of an emulsion ( what is an emulsion?) , is it a magic potion to take me to a land far far away? Well, obviously its neither. It is a white hydrating  fluid containing water, oil and fruit extracts to brighten and even out  the skin. In English,  its like a face cream  that you put on after cleansing!

Lotus Claims
 “Enriched with Grape, Mulberry, Saxifraga extracts and Milk enzymes . An advanced formula that blends the nourishing goodness of oil and hydrating properties of water It also contains sunscreens to protect the skin from harmful UVA&UVB rays that can darken the skin”

The convenient pump out mechanism

My View
I am not someone who uses fairness  or whitening products, nor do i believe in them, but i definitely like using skin brightening products, and those that reduce spots since my skin suffers from chronic dullness!. Blame the constant a/c environment in an MNC office !

In short, i really like the Lotus Herbal Micro Emulsion..I use it twice a day and after about two weeks of regular usage i think i can say with some degree of confidence that my skin feels brighter, slightly more radiant and my dark patches seem a little less visible. Obviously, this is not a magic potion, but given the fact that this hydrates my skin without leaving it oily and greasy, and gets absorbed into my skin like a dream i think this is a definite hit for me. It is really lightweight, yet hydrating and soothing on the skin…i dont really know how accurate the SPF25 claims are, but i definitely dont use this as a sunscreen.
The only drawback against it- all the lotus herbal whiteglow products have this smell that you will either love or hate. I really dont like it, it reminds me of the lotion that the girls in the parlour put on you after waxing (Random..i know).

Overall Verdict :4/5 or A-
Price: Rs 225 for 40 ml
Will I repurchase : Yes
Overall Recommendation: I think Lotus has a winner in the Micro Emulsion here. It is lightweight, hydrating without being greasy and does result in an added radiance to the face , all this while reducing the dark spots slightly after continued usage.  If you can tolerate the smell that all the Whiteglow products have, you might want to check this out!
Disclaimer: I do not condone /promote/ write about  Skin Whitening/ Lightening products on my blog. If you are someone who wants to buy this for that purpose, then this review isn’t very relevant

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