Y’know how people say that for women, its only about the engagement ring and the wedding ring, but for men its about 3 rings- engagement ring, followed by wedding ring, followed by suffering ! (Ya right, getting married to a gorgeous woman who brings some order into your life is SO painful isnt it :p )  Well , anyway for me, there is a third ring in my life too and that is MAC’s Coppering! (Well technically, this is the only ring in my life currently since i no have no engagement ring on my finger yet!)

The color
Coppering is a veluxe pearl finish from MAC and is described on the MAC Website as an ‘Orange Copper’ . To me, it is more of a bronzey golden copper with some very visible red undertones. Its a color that looks very different on different skin tones. Darker skin tones carry this off with great ease as this looks just like a bronze on them, but with lighter skin tones, the redness of coppering comes through and specially in photographs can sometimes end up looking a bit too red!

In natural light without flash

With flash- The redness comes out in flash photography

So if it looks red in snaps, Why  do i still like MAC Coppering a lot?

Coppering is not a color that i would wear all over my lid , specially if i am being photographed because of the obvious red undertones.I do however love to wear this slightly on the outer corner or, when i wear brown in the crease adding coppering on top gives it an immense amount of depth. Its the kind of eyeshadow that i feel works best when layered on top of other eyeshadows rather than worn on its own. One of my favourite combinations is Expensive Pink all over lid with a soft brown in the outer corner and crease, with coppering on top. Like all MAC shadows, this lasts a long time, has minimal fallout and is highly pigmented.

Overal Verdict:
Somewhere between a B+ and an A- (3.5/5 to 4/5)
Price: 680/- in Refill Pan form

Would i Repurchase: I would if i run out.

Overall Recommendation: Coppering is a  bronzey copper color that is really handy to have in your makeup stash. While i avoid using it too much on the eyelids because in photographs it ends up looking red which is my main pain point with this, it works great as a layering eyeshadow on top of browns or an outer corner eyeshadow . I also feel like on blue/ green eyes this gives a strikingly beautiful contrast and looks even better on them.  If you are an eyeshadow fan, then you would definitely want to have Coppering in your kit, its a really unique color!

PS: Makeup look with coppering comeing soon.!

PS: Have any of you read Ayn Rands Books? One of my favourite authors of all time, and   ‘the boy’s ‘ fav author too. BUT, he has become so inspired by Ayn Rand novels that he decided something strange  about a ‘ring’ that has the potential to shatter my solitaire dreams. That story sometime later.

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